How to Get Motivated for Weight Loss


Many people dread the thought of a diet change. But that’s because they do not understand the power of training the mind for motivation through positive thinking.

People who want to lose want often do not know how to get started. They spend so much time dreading the process that they are not able to take the first steps toward success. Powerful self-help tips for motivation may be just the thing to help many people get started.

Motivation comes from within each individual. However, other people, actions, and activities can encourage and ignite motivation that is deeply embedded within each person. One of the most important aspects of becoming positively motivated is to tap into the power of positive thinking.

Positive Thinking as a Catalyst

Positive thinking can be an incredibly encouraging and powerful way to find the motivation to succeed. By feeding the mind positive thoughts consistently, the mind becomes trained to think in a certain way. Continually repeating positive phrases such as “I can succeed,” “I want to eat healthy,” and “I know I can do this,” will have a powerful effect on the actions taken.

Positive thinking that involves positive affirmations also helps improve self-esteem and self-confidence. It gives individuals the ability to reach their full potential. Combining the unique aspects of positive thinking with goal-setting for weight control, anyone can succeed.

Motivation to Succeed

Since motivation comes from within each person, there must be ways to spur that motivation and drive towards action. The following tips will explain how to tap into the internal motivation that resides within each individual:

  1. Know what is desired. One of the greatest motivators for people is understanding what they want out of life. When people understand what they want and why they want to achieve a particular goal, it becomes a major motivator for them. For example, perhaps a person wants to live a longer life and enjoy time with children and grandchildren. Or maybe they want to lower blood pressure and eliminate medication. What better reason to lose weight?
  2. Use positive self-talk and positive affirmations. Always talk in a positive way. Use positive statements and affirmations to encourage greater motivation. Just as the self-fulfilling prophecy works for other areas of life, it also works for weight control. People who believe they can control their weight will succeed.
  3. Understand the benefits. People who recognize the benefits of healthier living and weight loss are more likely to stay motivated. The benefits of weight loss are far-reaching and keeping the mind focused on those benefits will keep motivation high. One benefit may be the ability to participate in a walking fund-raiser for an important personal cause. There are many benefits to weight loss and it’s important to write them down and remember them daily.
  4. Measure success. People who measure their success along the way are more likely to stay focused on long-term objectives. Measurable milestones are a good way to celebrate success along the way. It keeps people motivated when they are able to recognize accomplishments and achievements periodically. What a great motivator for weight loss!
  5. Enjoy the journey. Rather than dreading the process and avoiding the journey, embrace it. Make it fun and include things that make it more enjoyable. For a more active lifestyle, find an activity that is fun such as walking, swimming, biking, or even playing basketball. Solicit an “activity partner” to become an advocate for lifestyle changes. Search for new healthy recipes and meal plans to make it interesting and different. Focus on every step of the journey as a rewarding part of the process.

People find motivation for everything they do in life. A task or job worth accomplishing comes with its own rewards and benefits. Losing weight is just one of those things in life that requires motivation and commitment. Internal motivation has a powerful effect on the ability to succeed in the long-term.

Change is a Process

Change is a process and not an event. It takes time and effort to make permanent lifestyle changes. Make a 21-day commitment towards healthier living and many habits will become embedded, further igniting the internal motivation to succeed even further.

Make long-term lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier mind and body through positive thinking and living an active, healthy lifestyle. Take the first step on the journey and enjoy every step that follows.


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