The Complete Guide to The Egg Fast on Keto Diet

The keto diet is an effective way to lose weight without having to eat tasteless food. But did you know that there are specific menu plans under this? One of these is the egg fast on keto diet — and it’s been getting a lot of traction lately. Why? Find out all about the egg fast on our comprehensive guide below.

The Complete Guide to The Egg Fast on Keto Diet

What is the Egg Fast?

Simply put, an egg fast is a diet that primarily relies on you eating eggs. What makes them great for anyone practicing the ketogenic diet is that they contain a lot of fat and protein. For one, a large or 50-gram egg in its raw state has 4.8g total fat and 6g protein — but only 0.4g total carbohydrates.

However, not everyone can participate in the egg fast as soon as they want. You should have already adapted your body to a high-fat diet before doing this. If you’re still on a high-carb diet and you take in a lot of it on a regular basis, you should heed from the egg fast.

This is why the egg fast is part of the keto diet; it doesn’t work as well if you’re not in a state of ketosis. If you choose to try it despite being in a high-carb diet, you might feel lethargic and negatively affect your health.

On the other hand, some do the egg fast to get their bodies back on track for a long-term ketogenic diet again. It’s known that a keto diet can easily help you lose around 50 pounds per year, but there are instances when it becomes harder to lose weight after some time.

What Can You Eat on an Egg Fast?

You will be consuming a lot of eggs for this diet, but it’s not your only option. There are several other foods that will help you maintain a low-carb and high-fat diet.

1) Bulletproof Coffee

For one, you don’t have to settle for sunny side ups eggs for breakfast all the time. Instead, you can drink bulletproof coffee the moment you wake up. What’s bulletproof coffee? It’s still a drink containing coffee beans to get you a good dose of caffeine. But it also uses unsalted butter and coconut oil.

In particular, the butter must come from a grass-fed variant. The inclusion of this ingredient sounds odd, but it gives the bulletproof coffee its creamy texture.

2) Butter and Mayonnaise

A ketogenic diet isn’t complete without butter — and the same goes for an egg fast. Having a single tablespoon of butter gives you 102 calories along with small amounts of vitamins A and D. Despite the 0.1g protein, butter excels in fat content; each tablespoon already gives 12g fat.

If you’re not a fan of butter, there’s always mayonnaise; it’s a great option on its own or eaten with salad or sandwiches. One tablespoon of butter only has 94 calories but gives around 10g fat. However, ensure that you get the sugar-free mayonnaise for your egg fast.

3) Cheese

No matter the kind of cheese you eat, what matters is that it is the full-fat variant. You can have cheddar, brie, or cream cheese on a regular basis. You can eat it with eggs or on its own. One serving of full-fat soft cheese packs around 311 calories and nearly 30g fat and 7g protein.

In addition, the egg fast diet also allows the consumption of string cheese — but only one stick at a time. Each stick already gives 85 calories, 6.3g fat, and 6.3 carbohydrates. Plus, it gives you 14 percent of the daily recommended calcium intake.

4) Diet Soda

This might seem like a strange inclusion, but it just goes to show that you won’t feel tired of eating eggs all day. It’s still best to go for water, but having three cans of diet soda is okay. You should cut this down to just one can a day, but it’s a good option on a hot and tiring day.

As its name implies, diet soda doesn’t really contain any nutrients — but that’s a double-edged sword. The upside is that it doesn’t have any carbohydrates as well. In contrast, a regular can of Coca-Cola has 140 calories and 39g total carbs. The Diet Coke has zero calories and no carbs at all.

5) Herbs, Spices, and Sweeteners

You don’t have to eat raw eggs nor do you have to stick to plain cooked eggs. You can still add a couple of herbs and hot sauce, but only if their net carbohydrate content is only up to one gram per serving. Likewise, you use sweeteners but they should be the no-carb variants.

Can You Lose Weight by Eating Only Eggs?

Here’s the thing: You can indeed lose a lot of weight if you go for an eggs-only diet. They are incredibly healthy foods — and you can prepare them in a variety of ways. Even if you eat them fried with a teaspoon of oil or butter, the calorie count only increases by about 50.

The fact is that eggs are low-calorie but highly nutritious foods. You can eat three large-sized eggs and accumulate just short of 300 calories. Furthermore, you won’t feel hungry all day because they are high in protein, which reduces your appetite.

But the problem is that eating eggs alone poses risks to your health. Due to how low it is in calories, you won’t get enough that your body needs each day. Even if you eat six eggs on a regular basis, you won’t attain a healthy metabolism. You will have low energy and lack other important nutrients.

If you intend to lose weight through an eggs-only diet, a doctor must be around to supervise your health condition. You might even gain back all the weight you lost once you return to a regular diet. And while you get all the protein you need, you’d have to take multivitamins to fill the nutrient gap.

Thus, you have to be mindful of your diet. Instead of having an eggs-only diet, you should try the egg fast diet. You still get to eat a lot of eggs, but it has more options. Plus, you get to eat other foods such as meat and even vegetables during your off days under the egg fast diet.

How Long Should You Do an Egg Fast?

The egg fast isn’t exactly a long-term plan. In fact, you can achieve weight loss in less than a week. This is why you can find five-day plans, which you can follow up to a month to see if you’re satisfied with the results or not.

How Many Eggs Can You Eat in a Day to Lose Weight?

You can eat as many as six large-sized eggs each day. You won’t get all the essential nutrients you need by eating boiled eggs alone, but they’re low in calories and packed with protein. Expect to lose between two to six pounds each week with a strict egg diet.

How Does the Egg Fast Work?

The egg fast works because of the low-calorie content of eggs. Moreover, its high amount of protein keeps you feeling full. Egg yolks also have a lot of choline that ensures your body will metabolize excess fat. And as for the egg whites, they have the methionine amino acid to help your liver burn fat.

Similarly, the casein dairy protein found in cheese and milk help metabolize fat. There’s a guideline you have to follow, but it’s as simple as eating a couple of eggs every meal time and being aware of how much other foods you eat — and when you eat them.

Does Egg Fast Work on Keto Diet?

Of course. The ketogenic diet is actually important if you want to try the egg fast. As we’ve mentioned before, being in a state of ketosis is essential; the egg fast diet is also high in protein and fats after all. Plus, a keto diet gives you the fiber your body needs, which the egg fast unfortunately lacks.

During the weekend or on any two-day period in a given week, you can stop your egg fast and switch to a ketogenic diet. You should still be mindful of your carb intake, but you now get the chance to eat all the bacon, chicken, and cheese you want.

Egg Fast Meal Plan on Keto Diet

Before you check out the five-day plan, there are general guidelines to keep in mind so that you don’t ruin your egg fast.

Egg Fast Diet Guidelines

First, you should ideally have bulletproof coffee in the morning. If it’s difficult for you to prepare one from scratch or you don’t have enough time, buy a pack instead.

You can have up to five meals each day but no less than three. In particular, you must consume your first meal before 10 in the morning. Your meals should not go beyond 7 PM. But between 10 AM and 7 PM, your meals should not have a gap longer than four hours. By 7 PM, you should no longer eat eggs.

If you do get hungry in the evening, you can eat a stick of string cheese. Take supplements on a regular basis as well — choose those that contain magnesium and potassium. You can have a tablespoon of butter or mayonnaise for each egg you eat; you can even have up to six ounces of full-fat cheese.

Even when you do want to put spices and sweeteners on your meals, you must limit them based on their total net carb. You can only have five grams of net carbs each day. And lastly, don’t forget to drink at least 12 glasses of water on a regular basis.

Day 1 Meal Plan

The moment you wake up, prepare a 16-ounce bulletproof coffee. Wait for two hours before you have your actual breakfast. By then, you should take our your frying pan and place a tablespoon of butter on it. Crack three eggs and make an omelet. Use cream cheese and salt and pepper to give it flavor.

For lunch, start with a single cheese string and dip it with a tablespoon of mayonnaise — or butter if that’s what you prefer. After two or three hours, you can cook three eggs. Make them creamy using two tablespoons of mayonnaise. Add salt and pepper; the spices are optional.

Finally, have your dinner at 5 PM. Prepare some waffles using a couple of eggs and two ounces of cheese. Add in a bit of mayonnaise and sugar-free syrup. Keep drinking water throughout the day.

Day 2 Meal Plan

Start your day with a 16-ounce cup of bulletproof coffee. For your solid breakfast, eat two eggs. You can have them scrambled or sunny side up. Similar to the first day, you cook them in butter. For lunch, boil three large eggs and combine them with two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

A good afternoon snack is two ounces of full-fat hard cheese. And for dinner, you can have a two-egg omelet cooked in butter. Eat an additional ounce or two of cheese.

Day 3 Meal Plan

2-Ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes

You can have plain black coffee. For breakfast, cook another delicious omelet using three eggs and a tablespoon of butter. Make it cheesy with an application of cream cheese or cheddar — just keep the amount at one ounce.

For lunch, you can make a low-carb meatless cheesy pizza. Just use between two to three eggs along with pizza sauce, spinach, and various cheese varieties. But this time, you should use olive oil for cooking instead of butter. Eat pancakes for dinner — you can follow the two-ingredient recipe here.

Day 4 Meal Plan

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs (Pressure Cooker)

Drink bulletproof coffee and eat cream cheese muffins in the morning. For lunch, get your pressure cooker and prepare hard-boiled eggs. Just follow the recipe from This Old Gal here. Of course, you can set the number of eggs to just four or six at most — this is enough for dinner as well.

Day 5 Meal Plan

Low Carb Deviled Eggs without Vinegar

Once again, start your morning with bulletproof coffee. Wait for a couple of hours, then prepare low-carb deviled eggs. Use two hard-boiled eggs and follow the instructions from Low Carb Yum here. Lunch is served with a spicy and cheesy two-egg omelet. Get the recipe from Lowcarb-ology here.

Egg Fast Frozen Custard (Ice Cream…sort of) Recipe

Finally, you can end your five-day egg fast with a sweet dinner. It’s not exactly ice cream, but frozen custard fits in an egg fast diet. It uses cream cheese and egg yolks along with water and sugar-free syrup. Simply follow the recipe from I Breathe I’m Hungry here.

Once you’re done with the five-day egg fast meal plan, you have two remaining days in the week to have a ketogenic diet. But no matter the day, you should keep your water intake at 12 glasses or 100 ounces a day. Feel free to try other egg-based recipes every week — and don’t forget to take supplements.


Overall, the egg fast is an interesting approach to weight loss. It’s similar to the general ketogenic diet in many ways, and many people attest to its effectiveness. But no matter your diet, you should be careful with your health. Consult a nutritionist and a doctor if you have to.

We hope our guide on the egg fast on keto diet will help you improve your health. Feel free to send us a message for any queries.

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