3 Tips to Help You Kickstart Your Natural Weight Loss Journey


Losing weight can be challenging, especially considering all the lifestyle obstacles leading to rapid weight gain. While shedding the extra pounds can improve your confidence, it’s vital to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

Most people try to pursue the quickest weight loss routes, but that may not be the best approach. Instead, you can create a safe weight loss routine that will help you get long-term results.

1. Adopt the Right Mindset

Besides seeing a qualified nutritionist who has undergone an online DNP FNP education, it’s essential to have a mindset shift. Without a solid belief system and mindset promoting weight loss, sticking to your resolution is almost impossible. Typically, you will find it hard to believe you can make good progress, and you will likely find petty excuses to justify your situation when you don’t stick to your goals.

A positive mindset is a critical driving force behind your weight loss journey; once you are convinced that you can succeed, you will likely see good results. On the other hand, if there is a shred of doubt and you don’t deal with it, there’s a good chance that you will come up with excuses to halt the weight loss plan.

Ideally, you can start by looking for reasons and benefits of shedding the extra weight. The positive outlook and determination will be your anchor whenever your motivation is dwindling –and it will.

2. Focus On the Workouts You Love Most

It’s easy to think that the best weight loss strategy involves a strict and strenuous workout regime. On the contrary, workouts are just a small part of the bigger picture. There are multiple recommendations on the amount of exercise you should get regularly. For instance, the CDC recommends adults should get about 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 75 minutes of intensive workout.

However, people are different, and it’s unrealistic to pinpoint a specific guideline that suits everyone. If you don’t know where to start, plan for 30 minutes of moderate workout and 5 minutes for warm-up before you start the workout. Once you’ve successfully managed this, you can add 10 minutes to your workout regime. Ideally, try to maintain a 40-minute exercise schedule for at least four days a week.

Finding a workout routine you enjoy is essential to any natural weight loss program since you’re likely to follow up. If jogging doesn’t resonate with you, you can try Zumba. All in all, don’t be afraid to branch out and delve into what you truly love. If all else fails, you can vary your routine and include jogging or non-intensive exercise.

3. Increase Your Protein Intake

A protein-rich diet is essential for maintaining muscle mass and overall health while losing weight. Eating the appropriate amount of protein can enhance your appetite and body weight and reduce cardiometabolic risk factors. While several factors determine the amount of protein you need, an average adult should eat about 0.8g of their body weight per day.


Losing weight naturally requires permanent lifestyle changes rather than temporary measures. Ideally, you should focus on changes you can maintain, but gradual changes tend to be more effective than drastic changes.


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