Weight Loss New Year Resolutions


All too often people make resolutions that are impossible to keep. The resolution needs to be a lifestyle commitment and needs to be revisited often.

New Year resolutions can be difficult to maintain because one can make a resolution that is too vast to keep. If one resolves to lose 45 pounds in two months there is no way to keep up with that expectation. It is easier to make a resolution like losing 10 pounds in one month because it is more reasonable. This is a change of lifestyle; a lifestyle change that keeps the weight off. It is a new beginning, a new year.

Deciding on the Resolution

The resolution needs to be attainable according to lifestyle. Losing weight and getting fit made the USA.gov top 10 list for New Year resolutions. Since it is such a popular resolution, it is important to many people, but it can be difficult for people to keep. After the first month, only 64% of people keep their resolutions, and it goes down after that (Norcross, NIH). As this is the case it is imperative to make a resolution that is reachable for each individual.

The resolution of weight loss is most likely in the USA.gov top 10 because of the holiday weight gain from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. With time off, goodies in the office, and big dinners with family it is very easy to gain a few pounds. “The knowledge that people actually accumulate a large proportion of their yearly weight gain over the winter holiday season… may prove useful in treating overweight and obesity” (Norcross, NIH).

To choose that attainable goal, it is vital to look at lifestyle and how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise within the confines of everyday life. For example, a person can work every day from eight to five, bring a sack lunch instead of going out, and work out immediately after work and before dinner so as not to lose enthusiasm. Everyday life can be tiring, but it is possible to make a strong resolution to which one can commit. Remember, exercise increases energy even if life is crazy.

Maintaining a Resolution of Weight Loss

Once a person makes the resolution to lose weight and be healthy, a consistent schedule needs to be made. Something as easy as making plans to play outside with the kids several times per week is a good goal to make. Other ideas for an exercise routine may be:

  • consistency with a gym membership
  • set specific days to work out and rest
  • buy exercise DVDs and follow the guides

It is essential to have rest days in between working out because muscles break down, so they need that time to rebuild.

It is essential to break bad habits such as fast food, midnight snacks, and fried foods. This is especially important after the holidays when families made an abundance of pies, cakes, cookies, stuffing, gravy, etc. Ideas to keep a healthy diet include:

  • eating breakfast to boost metabolism
  • eat low-fat sweets to satisfy the cravings (such as 100-calorie packs)
  • substitute fruit for sweets
  • drink water instead of calorie-filled beverages
  • eat fibrous vegetables so as to feel full

Good nutrition along with consistent exercise will give results of weight loss. It is not an overnight fix but instead a gradual change to a lifestyle and promotes health.

Strong Resolutions Kept

The New Year resolution of losing weight is important because of holiday weight gain and the worry of obesity affecting a person later on in life. However, it is more important to focus on living a more healthy and active lifestyle rather then setting unattainable weight loss goals. Goals need to be made according to one’s lifestyle. They need to be incorporated into everyday life and must go along with what a person wants to accomplish. Diet and exercise work together to promote weight loss, and with a realistic resolution it can be maintained.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve

Some dieters attempt to lose weight after Christmas, but New Year’s is also a time for celebration. New Year’s Eve can cause a dieter to instantly revert to old eating habits from the parties and late night outings. Wait until New Year’s has passed before starting a resolution to lose weight. Enjoy the night with family and friends before starting a New Year’s resolution for weight loss.

Start Slow after New Year’s

Once the New Year’s celebrations are over, begin with a simple plan to eat healthy. Incorporate moderate exercise. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t allow the body to get hungry, or it can lead to overeating later in the New Year’s resolution weight loss plan.

Have a “cheat day” to curb the cravings. A “cheat day” allows the dieter to eat whatever one is craving that week. A “cheat day” can be any fattening food that the dieter enjoys. Completely cutting out all foods that the dieter enjoys creates an even stronger craving for that food. Eating comfort foods once in a while curbs the craving and helps the dieter stick with a New Year’s resolution for weight loss.

Keep a Workout Schedule

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is a scheduled workout session three to five times a week. Some dieters join a gym, but they soon quit from boredom. Start with a workout plan outdoors if the weather permits, or indoors on a treadmill or stationary bike. According to Villanova University, keeping a schedule of 30 minutes a day for a workout helps shed the pounds and keep the body fit. A 30 minute daily workout also builds muscle. Since muscle burns more calories, the dieter can lose weight faster and keep it off for a New Year’s resolution for weight loss.

These few steps help a dieter follow a New Year’s resolution for weight loss. Keeping a New Year’s resolution is the most difficult part of creating the plan. With just a few extra steps, the dieter can continue to lose weight without quitting only several weeks later.


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