How to Eat Well with Little Cooking: Fast Food That is Also Nutritious


Many people complain that they can’t eat well because they don’t have time to cook. Eating well does not have to take time. There are fast ways to get what is needed.

It’s a fact. In order to manage weight successfully for a lifetime, an active lifestyle and eating nutritiously are required. Today’s stressful and hectic lifestyles makes it difficult to eat nutritiously the way that most people think it has to be done – through daily cooking of vitamin and mineral rich foods from scratch. While this method will guarantee quality intake, there are other ways to accomplish the same thing with little time.

Nutritious Meal Tips Requiring Little Cooking at Home

Nutrition can be obtained with little effort and some fore thought by following some of the tips below:

  • Always cook extra food that can be frozen in individual serving containers. These meals can be easily selected and microwaved at work, when returning home too tired to cook, or in any other situation where time is limited.
  • Buy frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts that come individually frozen. Microwave several at a time. Use individual serving containers to put the cooked chicken breasts in. Add frozen vegetables of your choice (still frozen) to the serving dish and freeze. These can be easily taken to work during the week or eaten any other time.
  • A nutritious meal doesn’t necessarily need cooking. For example, you can take your plate and fill it with fresh veggies such as carrots, celery, plum tomatoes or zucchini. Add some fresh fruit, whole grain crackers or whole grain bread, a couple of slices of cheese or yogurt, and some slices of high quality lunch meat and you’ve included all the major food groups. You can even add some nutritious nuts. There’s no cooking required, but you’ll still get lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable periodically to eat cereal as a meal as long as it’s a highly nutritious cereal. If you add fresh fruit or nuts to the cereal, you’re adding even more nutrition.

Mental Tip for Eating Nutritiously While Saving Time

It’s easy to think in a negative, self-defeating way, but negativity destroys creativity and prevents problem-solving. When a person says, “I can’t,” the brain will go no further in trying to find a way around any obstacles.

Instead, if a person faces a problem by saying, “How can I?” the brain will start searching for a solution. So, instead of thinking, “I can’t eat well because I have no time,” or whatever the reason may be, asking, “How can I eat better despite my busy schedule?” (or other obstacles).

There are no perfect solutions to most problems, therefore, perfection should not be sought. Instead, it’s better to look simply for improvement. If improvement is the goal, solutions are easier to find. With time, solutions can be tweaked to solve problems even better.

Eating Out While Still Eating Well

While eating out should be kept to a minimum if the intention is to eat nutritiously and manage weight, sometimes it can’t be helped. Today there are better options than there used to be for getting more nutrition away from home even in “fast food” restaurants.

There are also some places where a quick nutritious meal can be had without going to the usual “burger joints.” Places like Panera, Boston Market, and Sweet Tomatoes allow for such nutrition packed meals on the go.


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