Thermal Dieting and Thermogenics for Weight Loss


Two popular dieting trends referred to as thermal dieting and thermogenics utilize elements of heat different ways to generate superior weight loss results.

Thermal dieting utilizes the opposite approach that thermogenics uses to increase weight loss results. Instead of eating foods or taking dietary supplements that increase the body’s temperature within, which helps raise the metabolism–this weight loss method utilizes external cold temperatures to boost metabolism and promote weight loss.

What is Thermal Dieting?

You practice thermal dieting whenever you do a particular activity in frigid temperatures. Your body has to work harder in order to keep its internal temperature at 98.6 degrees. In essence you boost metabolism, and burn calories even when you do regular activities, just by simply being out in cold weather.

Even though you may feel cold, your body is working twice as hard trying to keep you warm. Many experts state that thermal dieting can be a more effective way to burn calories. In fact, people have been known to burn twice as many calories by exercising in frigid temperatures and by utilizing thermal dieting techniques.

What is Thermogenics?

Thermogenics deals with a scientific concept where you either consume foods or take dietary supplements that help to increase the heat produced within the body. This weight loss method helps boost metabolism to increase weight loss results. However, warm blooded people who always seem to be warm, may tend to take thermal dieting techniques better than someone who is always cold.

If you are more interested in utilizing frigid temperatures to accomplish your weight loss goal than thermal dieting might be the right weight loss method to help you boost metabolism and lose weight.

How to Incorporate the Thermal Diet into Daily Living

Maybe it’s a cold day outside, instead of staying in your warm house drinking hot cocoa, incorporate thermal dieting into your weekly routine. Put on two sweaters, two pairs of pants, a beanie, gloves and shoes with good traction and head on outdoors into the cold weather.

If you live in areas of the country where snow fall is prominent, save money on your snow shoveling bill and do it yourself. Talk about a good workout. Did you know an average person weighing 150 pounds can burn up to 340 calories per hour just by participating in this vigorous activity?

Another activity you can participate in during the cold winter is snow sledding on a steep hill. Every time you have to walk up the hill carrying your sled, you are burning maximum calories. Do this activity for an hour and you will work up a sweat no matter how cold it is outside.

Incorporating thermal dieting into your daily regime is easy once you become familiar with how many calories you burn participating in many winter activities. Utilize this diet to continue to burn calories, burn fat and increase your weight loss results during the cold winter months.


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