5 Natural Ways To Support Your Weight Loss Journey


Deciding to tackle weight loss is a brave one that can be tough to follow through with. Finding natural ways to support such a journey dramatically increases the chances of success and makes it more enjoyable. Weight loss is an individual activity in that what works best for one person may not suit another. The following list is designed to give a broad set of ideas accessible to everyone looking for natural ways to boost their weight loss efforts.


Reducing food intake is essential for losing weight, but putting it into practice often proves difficult when you’re used to eating large quantities. Glucomannan is useful for training the body to overcome hunger pangs that would otherwise lead to increased calorie intake. Derived from the roots of the konjac plant, Glucomannan is high in natural water-soluble fiber. When taken, it fills the stomach and slows the rate at which food empties from the stomach, leaving you feeling satiated for longer after meals.


Our understanding of the gut microbiome is still in its infancy, but every day new studies reveal more about its importance to our overall health, including the role microbes play in weight gain. Dysfunction of the gut’s microbiome is now known to cause cravings for high-energy, low-nutrient foods that ultimately lead to weight gain.

Introducing Floraspring probiotics to your diet combats these cravings by reintroducing beneficial microbial strains into the gut. Probiotics also support a healthy immune system, which further promotes weight loss as it’s easier to make healthy decisions when healthy.

Gentle Exercise

Starting a vigorous exercise regime is daunting for people who last exercised a while ago. The great news is that even the most gentle exercise benefits health and weight loss. Yoga and Tai Chi are fantastic low-impact options that teach you to focus while running, moving through slow, gentle movements, making them ideal for any fitness level. Once a routine is established with whichever activity you’ve chosen, you’ll find stamina increases over time.


Disordered eating occurs for many reasons and ultimately leaves the suffer with long-lasting issues regarding food. Therapy helps untangle this complicated relationship and get you on track for a healthy relationship with food. The aim is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight while enjoying a life that doesn’t revolve around food issues. Working with a therapist will give you the strategies and coping mechanisms to achieve that goal.


Restricting the amount of food you eat is essential for weight loss, but that doesn’t mean removing all joy from your life. The occasional treat food makes eating enjoyable and helps make sticking to a healthy diet easier. Finding non-food related treats helps get the endorphin hit without the calories. Book a massage or give yourself a mini spa day at home with a face mask and bath salts.

Regardless of how much weight you’d like to drop, any weight loss journey is difficult, but by including a few natural supports along the way, it becomes much more manageable. Try probiotics to rewire the gut microbiome and find new ways to enjoy a treat as the scales move downwards.


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