CBD Oil For Dogs: Is It The Right Cure?


Cannabis has been the main topic of people when it comes to healthcare and wellness. It has been discussed so extensively by various groups. It is almost an everyday topic in their media segments. Many detractors would trash the product, while others praise it for its effectiveness.

Also, people are becoming more creative with it, even though there are still places around the world that are prohibiting its use. Meanwhile, the presence of an alternative is trying to change things, and it is known as hemp as this link agrees: https://www.besthealthmag.ca/article/what-is-hemp/.

Both hemp and cannabis have similar features, like their fan-like leaves and distinctive scent, especially when burned. Their chemical compositions are also not far from each other, as these are still similar enough. However, the main difference lies in their concentration, with hemp having higher percentages of CBD than THC. Meanwhile, common cannabis or marijuana has more THC than CBD, which makes all the difference.

The Main Difference

One of the main differences between the two comes in the form of their effects. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound that affects your mental functioning. It specifically induces a kind of hallucination in the user, making you see things that are not supposed to be there. Meanwhile, CBD is considered the more beneficial compound. It is being mixed into various products these days to elicit different effects.

Some people view CBD or cannabidiol as a miracle since it tackles various health problems in humans. For example, there have been researched studies showing its effectiveness against rare forms of seizure. Some quality strains of cannabidiol have also been used for advanced health conditions. Others use it for their recreational means, like relaxing with friends and having a good time. However, others have turned into more practical ways and started to see if it works on animals.

Based on some studies, many animals are not agreeable to any forms of hemp or cannabis. It can be poison to them, especially if they ingest the plant or substance directly. However, mammals seem to be responding well to the effects, specifically dogs. Scientists presume that it is due to their body composition being similar to our own. However, there might be other factors that contribute to its effectiveness on canines.

Common Canine Problems

Anxiety And Trauma

One of the main benefits that some experts found by letting dogs ingest CBD is helping them through anxiety or trauma. Our pets may be far from humans, but they also experience similar issues with us. Anxiety seems to be a common problem, especially with adopted animals or those who had to live in the wild for a long time. These critters may have been mistreated as well, and cannabidiol can help in calming them down during these episodes.


Another common problem that pet owners often ignore with their dogs is depression. Almost all animals may experience this, but it is especially true for canines. They were bred to be companions, and they technically pack animals in the first place.

Coupled with anxiety, it can lead to them being gloomy all the time without apt human interaction. It can also be due to trauma, and depression is one of the ways they express their feelings. CBD helps by enlivening their senses and keeping them active enough for you to be with them.


It is common for these animals to experience some pain, especially if they are active. However, some are suffering from severe conditions. They might have undergone operation as well, and it can lead to them being grumpy all the time due to their survival instincts. Having cannabidiol on hand helps as it keeps them distracted from the pain.

Sleep Problems

Some dogs also have issues with staying asleep. It is usually coupled with previous health concerns mentioned before, like anxiety and pain. However, it is also due to their sensitive hearing, and they can sense the noise a lot more easily. You will always encounter this situation during loud celebrations, and it might trigger their flight response. It is best to give them the right dosage of CBD beforehand to help them sleep better while everything else is getting louder.


Canine cancer is still being researched by various veterinary organizations worldwide. It is getting rampant amongst purebred dogs, causing them to lose their lives earlier than their expected lifespan. Research shows that CBD has the potential to help them fight off cancer cells, but it is still understudied, as this link tells us. For now, it is effective as a pain reliever, especially since most dogs with cancer will experience lots of pain from the onset of the disease to chemotherapy.

Some Thoughts On Pet Care And Cannabidiol

When it comes to our pets, we want nothing but the best for them. However, our usual “best” might not be enough anymore as the world changes. It is important to keep them safe and help them have a better life while in our care. As they are our companions, we must treat them right for them to return trust and loyalty to us. A dog will always stay loyal, though, but it is our responsibility to thank them for that loyalty.

Cannabidiol might be the hottest thing right now for human consumption. However, our dogs might not be ready for them yet, but it depends on your pet. Consult a veterinarian first before giving them any kind of dose. Also, make sure that it does not have any trace of THC as this substance is harmful to almost any animal, including dogs.



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