9 Tips to Help You Buy the Right E-Liquid


A proper e-liquid choice can enhance your vaping experience, while a bad one can ruin it. Whether it’s the flavor, potency, or ratio, you need all factors to make vaping pleasurable. The e-liquid is your vape pen’s blood flow; without it, there’s no use for fancy vape devices.

Be careful when choosing your next vape juice. You might end up with a flavor that’s too mild or a strong hit you are not used to. If you’re considering purchasing a new e-liquid, you need to consider some advice.

Check out our tips below to avoid making bad choices with e-liquids!

Advice for When You Purchase an E-Liquid

Picking the right e-liquid is crucial if you want quality and longevity with your vape device. So, choosing from premium e-liquids should be done with caution. Think thoroughly, and consider these factors when making a purchase.

Flavor is Everything

The first thing you notice when vaping is the flavor. Whether it’s too strong, mild, peachy, or minty, the vape’s taste is one of the best parts of the experience. Many hardcore smokers quit cigarettes just because of the sour flavor.

Today, there are many vape flavors out there. Everything from fruits and veggies to bubble gum and roses. When you choose, ensure it’s a flavor you like.

Another imperative factor in determining whether a reputable company provides the flavor and if the appropriate regulatory body approves it. Although many factors might influence your decision, don’t choose the wrong flavor because of rushing.

Nicotine Power

When choosing a vape, the user can set the nicotine concentration levels. This is excellent for long-time smokers who want to give up this habit. That is why closely inspecting the nicotine concentration in your vape juice is essential.

Beginners should ensure the nicotine concentration is low and reduce the potency daily. If you settle the nicotine power in advance, you’ll completely control how much you consume. This can prevent developing an addiction and do less harm to your lungs.

Consider Nic Salts

Nicotine salts are preferred for those users who want to eliminate the strong throat hit reminiscent of cigarettes. They are also a mild form of e-liquid made from salts in tobacco leaves.

Nic salts satisfy nicotine needs, and they provide speedy delivery. This freebase e-liquid is suitable for vapers who prefer mild to light cigarettes. If you want a substantial hit, nic salts aren’t the thing for you.

PG vs. VG Ratio

Vaping enthusiasts know everything about PG and VG ingredients: Vegetable Glycerol and Propylene Glycol. These are your e-liquid’s base.

The critical difference is that PG carries flavor while VG provides a subtle sweet flavor. Vegetable Glycerol bears the responsibility of toning down the strong PG taste.

Most e-liquids you will find have a mixture of PG/VG. Fans of solid throat hits should settle for an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio. Those looking for a cloud chase with a thick vapor should pick a higher VG ratio.

If you’re aiming for potent flavor, consider buying liquid with more PG. Those allergic to PG should go for a higher VG ratio or an e-liquid based purely on VG.

Vapor-Cloud Potency

A priority for cloud-chasers is big puffy clouds. If you like this, search for short fills. Contrary to popular thought, short fills are large e-liquid bottles. They are recognizable through the space at the top of the bottle, which is meant for an added nicotine shot.

The short fills usually have a high VG ratio. Considering that VG-based e-liquids require more power, the best advice is to use advanced vape kits. More power means faster overheating of the coil. To produce those large clouds, choose a coil with lower resistance.

Smooth or Strong Throat Hit

If you can’t get over the throat hit of a cigarette, look for an e-liquid filled with PG. The PG/VG ratio determines the throat hit, so aim for either 50:50 or 40:60. The VG-high e-liquid should be consumed carefully, though.

Those who want a smoother throat hit can try nicotine salts.

Experiment with Flavors

A guarantee you won’t waste money is if you experiment with numerous e-liquids. If there’s a vape store, try testing out e-liquids before purchasing. You can ensure you’re making the right choice with an e-liquid as all of them differ in taste, strength, nicotine levels, etc.

Locate flavors that match your preference. If you’re a fan of berries, then blackberry, raspberry, or strawberries is a suitable option. 

Settle for a Reliable Provider

If it’s your first time buying e-liquids, the easiest way to find an e-liquid seller is to check online and see their reputability. But, other things are also important.

First, your e-liquid provider needs to be reliable if you plan on sticking to an e-liquid they produce or sell. You don’t want to find your new favorite only for it to disappear. Second, the provider needs to be on time and of top quality because you may risk your health if you end up with a faulty e-liquid.

And, of course, always ensure the e-liquid you purchase from a seller is fresh and far from the expiration date listed on the label. The e-liquid brand should be available in many forms, nicotine strengths, and flavors. They also shouldn’t overcharge if they notice some e-liquid is bought more often than others.

Be Safe

Your e-liquid should match your preferences. Don’t go overboard with nicotine power; don’t experiment too much with flavors, as it can lead to a vaper’s tongue. What’s more, don’t forget to see the expiration date.

All newbies should note that when first inhaling, steady and slow wins the race.


The right e-liquid should be noticed from the first puff. You know you have made the right decision if your e-liquid satisfies you in terms of flavor, strength, cloud potency, and throat hit.

Never settle for less than extraordinary, so spend as much time on your decision as needed because this decision will determine your future vaping experience.


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