10 Unhealthy Habits You Need To Let Go Of Right Now


When it comes to your lifestyle, it’s important to take a look at what you’re doing at the moment. Are the habits you do bad for your health? If so, you may need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

This guide will go over the ten unhealthy habits that you need to get rid of now. These habits can have adverse health effects (with some of them lasting almost a lifetime). Let’s take a look at the following list so you know what they are and what to do going forward.

Substance use

Substance use can lead to addiction. Drugs and alcohol are not the best things to use, even if it’s for fun. If you need help in beating substance abuse or addiction, seek help from Absolute Awakenings.

You can visit their website at absoluteawakenings.com. You can get the treatment you need now and look back knowing you have made the right decision. It would be wise to consider getting rid of any drugs or alcohol you may have right now (including marijuana for recreational purposes).


Smoking can lead to various health issues such as heart disease and cancer. If those aren’t good reasons to quit smoking now, what will it take? It’s also a good idea to consider treatment options for smoking cessation.

It may be difficult to quit smoking. However, you can do whatever it takes to help you quit. You may finally get it done after several attempts.

Smoking is a bad habit and should not be picked up again even after you quit. As easy as it may be due to stress and other factors, there are other habits you can put to good use instead of lighting up.

A poor diet

Think about what you are eating at the moment. You may be eating high sugar foods. You might be spending more time eating fast food than at home.

While it’s nice to treat yourself, eating bad food on a regular basis can lead to obesity. This in turn can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other long-term health effects. It may be hard to lose weight and you will need to be willing to commit to a diet and exercise program to help shed those pounds.

Instead of eating junk food, consider healthier foods such as fruits and veggies (to start). You may also include healthier sources of protein such as lean meats.

Unmanageable stress

Stress can be unmanaged and it can get to the point where it can deteriorate you mentally. You may also develop bad habits as a coping mechanism. Stress can also affect your body physically and can lead to issues with your cardiovascular health.

Increased risk of heart attack and stroke are also common with unmanaged stress. If this isn’t a wake up call to consider healthier habits including managing stress, we aren’t sure what will lead you to realize that stress shouldn’t be handled so poorly.

Sitting for lengthy periods

Many people are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, there are people who are working sit-down jobs. Either way, they are at risk of various health issues including heart disease if they are not moving around as much.

It is important that you take 15 to 20 minutes for every hour you are sitting down and moving around. This can include walking around the block, doing stretches, or something that will get you moving. This will reduce your risk of any health risks that come with long-term sitting (even for hours at a time).

Overindulgence of electronic devices

We live in a world where smartphones are easily accessible. We also have tablets, laptops, and computers. Plus, there’s also social media that we’re scrolling mindlessly.

We can easily get addicted to our electronic devices and ignore the world around us. For this reason, it may lead you to get sucked in and not want to let go of your device. This can also lead to a lack of sleep due to being exposed to blue light.

You may also experience issues with your vision if you stare at the screen long enough.

Hanging out with negative people

Up to this point, we have focused on the physical issues involving unhealthy habits. But mentally, you shouldn’t handle the negativity of other people. This can lead to self-esteem issues and you might start adopting the same mindset and mannerisms.

This can last for a long time and it may take awhile until you are able to finally switch to a more positive mindset. It’s important to ditch the negative people in your life and start hanging out with more positive ones. Over time, you will behave in a different way and feel that being positive is a lot better than the exact opposite.

Poor sleep schedule

Staying up late may be fun and exciting, but you don’t need to do that. You’ll need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Anything below that will be risky.

Not only that, it will cause mental problems over time. You will feel stressed and irritable most of the time. It’s important that you change your sleep habits so you can be able to get a good night’s rest and be in a better mood for much of the day.

Risky activities

Risky activities such as driving at high speeds or even doing something that can risk injury or death should be done away with. It may be fun to do it to impress your friends and be cool. But too much of a risky thing can be very bad.

The past days may have been your lucky days. But you may not be so lucky next time.


Procrastination is something that you don’t want to do. Putting things off until tomorrow will lead to undue stress. Plus you will feel a lot of pressure to get it done.

As a result, your work quality may even suffer. Don’t let this become a habit whether you are at home or the office. 


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