4 Tips To Start Your 2022 Fitness Journey Right


To start your 2022 fitness journey, you need to bear in mind that getting fit shouldn’t be just a goal but a lifestyle change. It’s easy to set a goal, such as losing weight or building muscles, however, the struggle always lies in how to maintain it. If you reach your goals and lose track of them because of a few drawbacks, all your efforts will go down the drain. 

On the other hand, setting your fitness journey through a solid lifestyle change combined with your inspiring goals and healthy approach would really make a difference. If done correctly, you’ll be on the right path in maintaining whatever results you’ve achieved 

These past years, the pandemic took a toll not only on our physical health but on our overall well-being, everyone started to de-stress by eating and just doing nothing, cheat days turned into months, thus resulting in more complicated health issues. 

To face this year with the right approach, it’s advisable to have a plan, a certified personal trainer can help you with these struggles and inspire you to get back on your feet and start your fitness journey the right way. You can check out online for different insights, such as asfa certification reviews, to help you in your hunt for a certified personal trainer. 

Consequently, do yourself a favor and adhere to your new, healthier routine in 2022. After the objectives have been set, the big question is how to maintain this lifestyle change and achieve these fitness goals. To assist you in starting your 2022 fitness journey right, just put in mind these tips:

1. Make A Promise To Yourself

Are you ready for significant changes? It’s up to you to decide if you’re up to the task. If you’re not entirely dedicated to the process, it will be an uphill task to attain your goals. You have to promise yourself that you will overcome any emotions that’ll arise and confront the hard times to thrive. Essentially, it’s about balance and commitment, the more dedicated you are to attaining your goals, the less it would be harder for you.

2. Create A Plan

To formulate an idea for your fitness plan, it’s advisable to research online regarding some routines and techniques, although, it would be overwhelming at first because of the number of suggestions that you might encounter on the web. It would be better to keep it simple and plan it step by step. To begin with, you need to establish the appropriate time to exercise. For instance, you can pick four days with your preferred time and stick with that schedule so that you’re exercising simultaneously every week. 

Second, it’s important to determine the type of workout that you’ll do. If you happen to pick a Monday as your workout day, you’ll feel sooner Monday blues will be a thing of the past and realize that physical exercise was all the therapy you need.  To let go of the stress and pressure, start with light exercises that you personally know how to execute. You can refer to what you’ve researched and try out what’s suitable and comfortable for you to carry out.

You can choose from a variety of activities, such as walking or running on a treadmill, jogging outdoors, cycling, swimming, lifting some weights, skating, dancing, or playing golf, and if you desire to lose weight in a gradual way, you can consider cardio-based exercises. The final tip is, how much time will you dedicate to your workout sessions? Remember, the only lousy workout is the one that didn’t happen. Therefore, don’t beat yourself up. You can work out for as little as 15 minutes for every session and increase gradually per workout. By generating and adhering to a plan, you’ll hold yourself responsible.

3. Opt For Sustainable Food

Similar to a fad fashion, faddy diets will guarantee you speedy outcomes. However, don’t be tempted to follow such diets since they can endanger your metabolic rate and psychological health. This is because you might not sustain such diets eventually without feeling deprived. It will just worsen your daily eating habits and leave you anxious the whole time. 

The foundation of all serenity is health, that said, pick a nutritional plan that will fulfill your fitness goals as well as fit into your normal routine and provide steady but long-term benefits. It’s an advantage to have a diet that can easily fit into your lifestyle instead of a ‘fad diet’ that gives temporary results and false hopes. Intuitive eating, prioritizing long-term fitness and wellness, is the best formula for a ‘sustainable transformation’. This will ensure that you choose the right balanced diet without risking your physical health and overall well-being.

4. Safety First 

Without a doubt, safety is priceless. Therefore, if you’re even worried about something that might interfere with your new workout plan, it’s appropriate to seek advice from a medical expert rather than an Instagram celebrity before you begin your fitness journey. This is particularly important for individuals trying to boost some strength after being ill for some time.

There are many recommended workout routines for beginners, but for instance, and you’ve had a knee surgical procedure to treat a ligament injury, then any type of workout that puts force on your knees is strictly prohibited, unless when the time comes that you’re completely healed and have a doctor’s clearance to proceed with the said workout plan.

Certainly, being safe must be a priority, always be mindful and responsible about your body, before, during, and after your workout regimen.

Final Thoughts

Be realistic when you set your fitness objectives in 2022. It’s almost impractical to make abrupt, radical, and extreme changes in lifestyle. Do it gradually to achieve exceptional and long-term results. Listed above are just some recommendations and tips you can try to help you commit to your fitness journey this year. Don’t forget to seek advice from your physician before beginning any new workout programs. Don’t be hard on yourself, just stick with the lifestyle change, don’t lose track of the goal, and have fun while doing it.


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