Best Free Online Therapy In 2022


The demand for online counseling has skyrocketed in recent years, and 2022 was no different. Online therapy is now accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time, making counseling more accessible to more people than ever. This accessibility has given birth to a cottage industry of self-proclaimed “experts” who have flooded the internet with countless tips on the best ways to use online counseling.

Online therapy is becoming more popular as more and more people are looking to find help without having to commute to an office. Most counselors offer their services via video chat, but some will require you to download their app before leaving the house. Online therapy allows users to set their own schedule, meet with a practitioner of their choice, and get help discreetly.

Free online therapy is growing rapidly in popularity, and with good reason. With little training, no licensing, and no fancy office, online therapy sites allow individuals seeking counseling services to receive the help they need for little or no cost.

Here Are The Best Free Online Therapy In 2022


eTherapyPro is a trusted online therapy service to help you connect with online psychologists in the privacy of your own home, office, or anywhere you like. Many common mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, addiction, etc., can be treated by using online therapy. If you feel the need for private, professional counseling, eTherapyPro is here for you.

For thousands of years, therapy has helped people overcome issues with anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. But, today, the ability to seek professional help from a therapist or counselor is no longer limited to those who live close by. Online therapy is now available to anyone, anywhere. eTherapyPro, a Free Online Therapy platform, is designed to help people overcome issues on their own terms, when they want, in the privacy of their own homes.

CIMHS Free Online Therapy for Depression

The CIMHS free online depression therapy service is based on positive psychology and specializes in attainable cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). You begin the procedure by working at your own speed with interactive worksheets and tests. One-page summaries are available for download for your convenience.

A regular depression assessment, worksheets to practice cognitive-behavioral approaches, and online tests to examine the foundational ideas of online therapy are all provided as free online counseling services. These ideas are efficiently communicated through illustrations and condensed into printable one-page sheets. We appreciate this system’s self-paced nature and clinical psychology-based foundation. Bliss gives you access to treatment wherever you are, which is incredibly beneficial if you live in a place where it’s difficult to locate qualified therapists. Although Bliss is cost-free, you must create an account.


Qualified volunteer social workers offer psychological assistance through the 7 Cups method online chat. All active social workers offering help have completed a 7 Cups-developed online course in sophisticated, compassionate communication. The service is totally free and private.

If you want to use 7 Cups to get emotional support, you can look for listeners with comparable experiences or backgrounds who are experts in particular problems. Cheers, badges, and compassionate hearts are given to listeners to show their support for the platform. Additionally, they are divided into 27 distinct degrees of competence, from beginner to expert.


On its website, BlahTherapy provides access to online counseling services, emotional support chat, and psychic readings. Through the free, no-registration required chat with stranger’s feature, you can decide whether to listen or share in private. Online therapy is furthermore offered around the clock and includes specialist counseling for mental diseases, relationships, health, and depression. Filling out a questionnaire will help BlahTherapy link you with one of its partners, BetterHelp’s more than 2,000 certified professional therapists, if you’re searching for specialist assistance. BetterHelp Insurance provides affordable professional treatment services, including unlimited text, phone, and video chat.

Other BlahTherapy features are groups and discussions, which provide a wide range of mental health and psychological support themes. Visit the BlahTherapy blog for advice on reducing tension, depression, and nervousness if you want more assistance. BlahTherapy’s online counseling services have a member of more than 500,000 people. Use the 24/7 free anonymous forum service provided by BlahTherapy to text your sentiments to a random person if you need to vent about troubles. Additionally, effective counseling services are offered, and BlahTherapy maintains online discussion forums and support groups that address a variety of issues mental health-related and psychological support.


iPrevail offers coaching and treatment on demand. In order to reduce mood-based illnesses, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and addiction, The iPrevail platform undertook a clinical study with the Rush University Medical Center to improve its efficacy.

You may access iPrevail’s revolutionary classes focusing on mental wellness and 24/7 on-demand coaching if you’re seeking mental health help. CBT is used by iPrevail to lessen mood-based problems, including anxiety and sadness. The method is also applied to managing relationships, financial stress, recovering from addictions, and eating disorders.

If you want to test out iPrevail, you must complete an evaluation that includes responding to inquiries based on research. The goal is to locate the problems. Following the exam, you’ll start a personalized iPrevail program that consists of engaging courses, encouraging coaching, and regular progress evaluations.

How does Online Therapy Work?

Online therapy, also known as telehealth, is an option for those seeking counseling or therapy for any reason. Online therapy works in the same way as traditional counseling sessions, with the person behind the camera (the therapist) guiding the client through the course of the session. Online therapy can be done from home via a webcam, internet, or smartphone.

To Conclude

Online therapy may provide a convenient option for meeting with a psychotherapist. But online therapy is not as effective as in-person therapy. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of talking about themselves online, and the anonymity that online therapy provides can result in people sharing more information than they would in person. As a result, online therapy is often used to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety rather than the deeper, underlying causes of anxiety and depression.


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