Lose Weight, Stay Fit: Add Simple Fitness Tips into Daily Routine


Simple tips how to lose weight and stay fit in everyday life. Healthy diet tips, how to lose weight, stay active and keep fit without hassle.

Get fit and stay in shape by incorporating simple tips into the every day routine. Weight loss occurs when the amount of calories burned is greater than the amount consumed. Tips including better eating habits, being more active and getting the proper amount of rest helps increase the amount of pounds shed.

Healthy Diet

Better eating habits aids weight loss. Fiber found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains helps the stomach feel full. Those who fill up on fruits & veggies at mealtime feel full faster and consume lesser calories resulting in weight loss.

Lean meats and fish allows for a variety of meal options when combined with flavorful sautéed vegetables. Whole grain pasta let us pasta lovers eat better while enjoying their favorite dishes. Avoid sugary drinks including soda pop and fruit juice because they contain unnecessary calories.

Portion Control

Portion control is a simple way to eat less calories throughout the day. An easy way to remember portion sizes starts with the hand. The recommended meat portion is the size of a person’s balled fist.

Keep carbohydrate portions smaller than the size four fingers. This does not include the palm, only the fingers. Veggies can be consumed to the heart’s content.

Special dinner plates showing proper portion amounts are available. Order half portions of a meal when at a restaurant to continue portion control when dining out. A simple tip to eat less at mealtime is to drink a large glass of water prior to each meal.

Increase Activity

Increasing activity promotes weight loss because the more active a body is the more calories it burns. Fitness experts and physicians alike recommend each person walk at least 10,000 steps per day as a way to stay fit and active. Ways to increase the number of steps is to walk short distances instead of driving, take the stairs in lieu of the elevator and park in a space at the further end of the lot away when shopping.

Exercise programs can be customized for those of all ages and fitness levels. Activities that increase a person’s heartbeat are preferred forms of exercise. Consult with a physician prior to starting an exercise and fitness regimen to ensure it will benefit the health, not harmful.

Good Night’s Sleep

Getting plenty of rest provides the body with the chance to recuperate from the day’s schedule. A good night’s sleep can lead to more energy which help’s individuals continue with their new healthy habits that will lead to weight loss and keeping fit.

Avoiding excess amounts of sugar and caffeine in the evenings can assist a person in falling asleep easier. Over sleeping can result in a tired feeling. Trial and error is one way of determining the amount of sleep an individual’s body needs to feel fully rested. Go to sleep or arise at different time until the ideal amount of sleep is discovered.


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