How Many Pints in a Quart?


The pint and quart as units of measurement are quite common because they are used in everyday liquid drinks like beer and milk. As a matter of fact, we could find them used as expressions for liquid drinks. You may have even heard someone at the pub tell the bartender to give him a pint of beer. As common as they may seem, do you know how many pints in a quart?


What is a Quart?

The quart, standardly expressed in the abbreviation qt. is used as a unit of measurement for capacity. Internationally, there are three measurements for quartz depending on what is being measured: the dry quartz which is used for dry ingredients in cooking such as flour and baking soda, liquid quartz used in liquid ingredients such as milk, cooking oil and others and the imperial quartz used for both dry and liquid ingredients in the United Kingdom.

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What is a Pint?

Before we could know how many ounces are in a pint, we must understand what a pint is first. Pint is used in measuring volume or fluid capacity. It is expressed using the abbreviation p and it is used in both UK/imperial and US metric system. A pint is equal to one-half quart or one-eighth gallon. It is usually used for liquids such as milk, water, wine and beer.

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What is the difference between pint and quart?

Pint is expressed using the abbreviation pt and quart, qt. The basic thing that you need to know about these two is that pint is used to measure smaller amounts of liquid while quart is used for bigger amounts. To give you a little bit of context, one pint is equal to 2 cups or 16 fluid ounces while the quart would be equivalent to 2 cups or 2 pints.

1 pin = 2 cups = 16 fluid ounces

1 quart = 2 cups = 2 pints

How many pints in a quart (US, UK)?

Being around units of measurement for a long time would already tell you that conversion values depend on where you are in the world and quarts to pints is not an exception.

The standard conversion value of quarts to pints is from the US metric system which indicates that one quart is equal to 2 pints but in the UK whose conversion value is still dependent on the imperial metric system, one quart is equal to 1.67 pints.

1 quart (US) = 2 pints (US)

1 quart (UK/imperial) = 1.67 pints (UK)

How many dry pints in a quart?

According to Metric Conversions Org, there is no difference in the conversion value of US dry and liquid quart to US dry and liquid pints so it remains at 2. Strikingly, for dry measurements of quart and pint, UK is the same with the US metric system at the conversion value of 2.

1 quart = 2 dry pints

What percent of a quart is a pint?

Since the ratio between a quart into a pint is 1:2, we are therefore sure that a pint is half or 50% of a quart.

1 pint = 50% quart


How to convert from quarts to pints

Again, the most important thing to be familiar with is the conversion value of quarts to pints. So for liquid quart to liquid pints, there are two conversion values: 2 for the US and 1.67 for the UK. But for dry conversions, all conversion values would be 2. Using these values, we need to multiply the given quart value to either 2 or 1.67 depending on the specific condition asked.

Quarts to pints conversion

For us to better see how these conversions take place, you may refer to the table below.

Dry conversionsLiquid conversions
US quartUS pintUK quartUK pintUS quartUS pintUK quartUK pint


In conclusion, quarts to pints would not be that complex. Just remember that there are two metric systems: the US and the UK and within these are two other variants: the dry and liquid conversions. There is no difference between the US and UK metric systems for quart to pint for dry conversions but there would be a slight difference in the liquid conversions since for US it is 2 and for the UK it is 1.67.


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