How Many Pints in a Gallon?


There is a famous elementary rhyme for pints in a gallon and many more. In a nutshell, it says that there are 16 cups, 8 pints and 4 quarts in a gallon. But today, our focus will be how many pints in a gallon.

Both pints and gallons are commonly used in measuring liquid ingredients. We get to see them every day because we use them for water, milk and beer which are common liquids we consume. So how many pints are in a gallon?


What is pint?

Pint is a unit of measurement used for volume capacity. It is expressed using the abbreviation p. The pint like all other units of measurement in the metric system has two types: the UK or imperial pint and the US customary pint.

More so, there is the dry pint and the liquid pint which are used for dry and liquid ingredients for cooking, respectively. One dry pint is said to be equivalent to 551mL while the liquid pint is equivalent to 473mL.

1 dry pint = 551mL

1 liquid pint = 473mL

According to Britannica, the UK/imperial pint is 20% larger in volume capacity than the US pint. This is quite important because it means that beverages chugged in pints like beer and milk will be different depending on which part of the world you are chugging them.

What is US gallon?

Like the cup, gallon is also used as a unit of measurement for volume of both dry and liquid ingredients. Like all other unit conversions too, the gallon is measured in UK, imperial and US conversions. The US gallon when converted to liters would be 3.78.

According to Unit Converters, after the British colonial rule in the US, the US gallon was used particularly in measuring wine but evolved later on as a unit measurement for dry ingredients too like grains and corn, among others.

At present, the US gallon is an important unit of measurement in US supermarkets because it is used as the standard measurement for large containers of liquid products such as milk and even gasoline.

Gallon to pints in US, UK

Before we begin with the gallon conversions in the US and in the UK, we must know first the base conversion values of gallons to pints in both countries. For the US customary pint, one gallon is equal to 8 pints.

1 gallon = 8 pints (US customary)

In the UK, Australia and other Commonwealth nations, one gallon is equal to 6.66 imperial pint.

1 gallon = 6.66 imperial pint

Just to clarify though, UK gallons to pints at 6.66 is now only used in commonwealth countries for cooking old recipes. In their supermarkets and restaurants, they now follow the 8 pints in a gallon measurement. According to Traditional Oven, only the UK is still adhering to the 6.66 pints in a gallon conversion at present.

For further reference, let us refer to the conversion table for gallons to pints in the US and UK below:

UK gallonUK pintUS gallonUS pint


In conclusion, gallons to pints should not be hard as long as you know the conversion values of each in both the UK/imperial and US customary conversions of these two units of measurements.

It is also essential to know that the UK pint is 20% larger than the US pint since it is commonly used in measuring the volume capacity of liquids. Thus, when finding out gallons to pints, master the drill: US gallon to US pint is 8 pints and UK gallon to UK pint is 6.66.

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