How Many Inches in a Foot?


Foot to inch conversion may be taken for granted because everybody knows that 12 inches comprise one foot, but still, in some instances, it might come in handy. For example, shoe shopping has never been hard because shoe sizes are expressed using inches.

So if there is one thing we know like the back of our hands, that would be inches as a unit of measurement. But what if suddenly, your favorite shoe store stop using inches and start using foot, would you know how many inches there are in a foot? Looking at the ruler already settled that but you know, it still pays to know. So how?


What is inch? 

An inch is a common unit of measurement for length and is expressed using the abbreviation in. To provide a solid context for the inch, it would be equivalent to 25.4 millimeters or 2.54 centimeters, according to Math is Fun. In a fraction, it is equated to 1/36 of a yard. Inch one of the most common units of measurement for length along with yard and foot.

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters = 2.54 centimeters

1 inch = 1/36 yard

What is foot?

Conversely, one foot is equal to 12 inches. As have been mentioned, it is also a common unit of measurement used for length. Historically, the foot traces back its origin during the medieval period as it was used in medieval combat for the battle uniform of soldiers specifically their battle boots. A yard has 3 feet and it is expressed using the abbreviation ft. 

1 foot = 12 inches

How many inches in a foot

This is a very basic information that even kids know. Through the foot ruler, which expresses measurement in foot on the one side and in terms of inches in the other, 12 inches would make a foot.

1 foot = 12 inches

How to convert from feet to inches

From the previous section, we have already revealed the conversion value that will guide you in all of your conversion processes of feet to inches. Unlike other units of measurement, feet to inch conversion value is standardized around the world. For this matter, all you have to do is to multiply the given value of foot to 12 being the standard conversion value of inches.


Feet to inches conversion

If by chance, the conversion process remains bleak or you need visuals for specific reasons, you may refer to the table below for your feet to inches conversion.



Yes, we get it. Feet to inches is easy-peasy but there are moments when this simple conversion can be very helpful. While the ruler method is the default way to convert feet to inches, it also pays to be able to mentally convert feet to inches immediately.

The rule behind this is very simple: just multiply the given value of ft to 12 to get the inch value that you need. So the next time you get caught in the middle of a feet to inch conversion dilemma, the magic number is 12.


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