Vaping Guides For Beginners: Best 7 Tips


If you are tired of the cigarette runs and would like a break from having to worry about the toxic effects of smoking, vaping could be your best alternative. For smokers, vaping could be a subtle transition to reduce dependency; given evidence suggests that vaping is almost 95% safer than smoking.

But although vaping only started as an alternative to smoking, it rapidly gathered interest from several parts of the world. Today even non-smokers seem to share a lot of interest in trying vaping devices. It could be a refreshing experience for many with the vibrant options of flavors and vaping compounds, such as vape juices and e-liquids available.

For a novice user, from figuring out the right device to purchasing suitable e-liquids from a sea of options, the world of vaping is vast and versatile and could confuse you with several choices. That is why some simple tips to navigate through your first experience with vaping make it a memorable one.

Here are seven easy tips to make your vaping experience better.

1.  Cheap Is Not An Option

Going for cheap vaping options is among the biggest mistakes one can make. Your first vaping experience influences your impression about vaping and hence needs to be with the right quality product. Choosing cheap kits means that you might have a bad experience.

Vaping devices are slightly pricey compared to cigarettes but give a superior experience and a long-term investment. Explore your options and research before you buy a vape kit. If a vape kit looks way too underpriced, the chances are that it is not good enough even to try.

Your vape kit needs to be of good quality with a device warranty and cartridge or e-liquid that contains a detailed label to make it an enjoyable experience.

2.  Explore Different Vaping Device Options

Finding the right vaporizer can be an exerting and challenging step for a beginner. But, it is also an important one to make sure you are enjoying vaping.

There are several new designs, which include safe CBD vape pens, vape mods, or e-cigarettes. Some of these devices fit in your pocket, while some, such as desktop vaporizers, may not be as portable.

Smaller vaping devices are petite and easy to carry, but could be a compromise on the heating efficiency as compared to desktop modules and may not give the same experience with herbs. But, most vape pens are easy to use with vape juices and offer a superior experience. Compare the pros and cons of each vaping device to get to the best choice for you.

3.  Learn About E-liquids, Vape Juices, and Their Constituents

There is a wide variety of e-liquid options available to use with your devices as well and our favorite E-liquids are by Zamplebox. For example, most vape pens use e-juice that contains the main extracts, such as CBD oil with MCT or vegetable oil, that mildly dilutes it.

In the case of vape cartridges, the solution is slightly more dilute and contains vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol to improve vaping experience. They also contain nicotine or other flavoring agents, such as lemon, lavender essential oils, to enhance the experience.

Based on the effects that you expect from vaping, you can choose the right types of e-liquids. There are other alternatives to vaping devices also, such as glass bubbler from Vaporizerchief.. Choose the liquid, which is most compatible with your device and evaluate the ingredients necessary for the right benefits.

4.  Remember To Clean

The next step is to clean your device correctly. Vaping devices usually consist of several parts, including coil, mouthpiece, which require regular maintenance. The coil comes in direct with the liquid and hence is essential to ensure there aren’t any residues sticking to the surface that could reduce the efficiency of vaping.

It is best to buy devices that are easy to disassemble into individual parts to improve cleaning. You can rinse the pieces and dry them out before use.

Not cleaning your device and tank could lead to build-ups and leaks. It could also reduce the heat availability for the rest of your vapes and damage your device. Keep a regular cleaning schedule for your vape device, and make sure to follow it.

5.  Switch Between Batteries

Your vape pen batteries influence your vaping experience’s overall efficiency, and it is essential to maintain them in the best condition. Try to invest in two sets of batteries so you can switch between them whenever.

It ensures that your batteries last longer and split the stress instead of compressing it all on one set. It keeps the heating mechanism at its best performance and improves the quality of vape. Make sure you use both sets alternatively to ensure you do not let one dry out. Charge and use them regularly to keep the batteries in the best condition.

6.  Check Battery Connections And Coils

Coil and battery are the most critical parts of your vaporizer that determine everything, including the quality of the vapor. Proper maintenance and replacements ensure that you continue to relish a fulfilling experience with the device. Make sure the battery connection is in good shape, and the connectors are in complete contact with the battery. Remove any dirt or residue in these connecting ends to improve efficiency.

Do not charge your battery to 100%, and avoid letting the battery levels fall below 30%. Try to remove the battery from charge when it reaches 80% and makes sure to charge regularly. Maintaining the coil is also essential as it is the part that goes through much wear and tear. Store a couple of coils as backup and make sure to replace them when they wear out. Clean residues from the coil to make sure you enjoy the best of your vaping device.

7.  Use Multiple Tanks

If you love trying many flavors, the best way to do that would be to invest in more than one tank. Working with multiple tanks means you do not have to clean your entire system every time you change flavors to get the best effects. You can switch tanks to whichever character you feel like.

With e-liquids, you can mix multiple flavors into one e-liquid to enjoy diverse flavors and unique experiences.

Final Thoughts

Be open to experimentation. Try to rotate between flavors to avoid losing the richness of your favorite ones. Explore different options for vaping such as dabs, dry herbs as each of them pose certain advantages.

The perfect options available for vaping could only mean that you have a lot of chances to find the right fit for you. Research and ask around to know the right ways to vape to make the experience fun and fulfilling.


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