How To Choose Weed Of High Quality For Vaping?


The modern world is changing rather quickly. It is difficult for a trend to be popular for a long time. Not many products can boast that they have been on the market for years and are still extremely popular. People today lack concentration. They need diversity and cannot be focused on a single thing or activity for a long time.

However, there exist some exceptions to this rule. All of us are familiar with the phenomenon of vaping today. Vaping is a great example of such an exception. It has been popular for about 20 years already. Let us dip into the history of vaping industry development to get the idea better, at least just for a few important moments.

History of Vaping

The device was developed by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. The thing that made him start this job was the fact that his beloved father had died from lung cancer after long years of smoking. The developer of the first vaping device aimed to create a thing that could help humanity overcome the tremendously damaging consequences of smoking. His intentions were to change the world for the better.

For sure, developing the best dry herb vape pen was not his basic idea. At the same time, he never intended to create it as a piece of entertainment. He wanted it to be rather a medical device than one that young adults use to make their lives more interesting. Such new types of vaping devices as dab, weed pen, and wax vaporizer came into our world sometime later.

Hon Lik developed his first vape pen (cig-like) and received the patent at the beginning of the XXI century. These new devices were launched on the American market later. Then it got popular in about 2003 or 2005. One of the ways vaping became popular was the fact that many famous people used them. For instance, the famous actor Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. He is famous firstly because of his role as Jack in Titanic.

At that time, DiCaprio used both while jogging in the morning, giving some interviews, and attending official ceremonies. He just used different pens for different events as a part of his look. This also helped vaping devices to become a part of modern fashion. Now vaping devices are seen as stylish accessories, making one look more complete and stylish. Therefore, they even appear on catwalks from time to time.

Choosing Dry Herb Vape Pen: Internal Research

Mostly, this type of pen means that the user uses cannabis flowers to heat them and get the vapor. However, theoretically, other kinds of dry herbs (say chamomile or peppermint) can be used for that purpose. The main point of this type of vaping device is that the dry herb vaporizer pen uses just the herb itself, not oil or concentrate. Therefore, some people see it as a benefit and say it is more natural than using CBD oil or vaping e juice.

Choosing the best dry herb vape pen can be not so easy. And for sure, it is always subjective. Therefore, the first step is to point out your personal needs. You have to make a least of functions that will be essential for you while choosing the device. Then there should be another list with things that you are not ready to pay for. Finally, the characteristics that you do not welcome should be clearly understood by you too.

Choosing Dry Herb Vape Pen: Market Research

Having done this primary research into your needs, you have to look into the market. Firstly, decide whether you want to vape your dry herbs just at home or both at home and in the streets. This decision should also include the local laws of your place. If you are not allowed to vape weed outside, then the answer will be clear. This question should be answered to choose between a desktop and portable vaporizer.

The portable vaporizer can even look like a usual vape pen. That is convenient, easy to carry around, and can be a part of your street style. Nowadays, portable devices are also compelling enough, and despite their size, if you use them properly, the quality of vaping will be awesome. The only thing that you might dislike is that they will need to get charged from time to time.

The other option, which is a desktop weed vaporizer, is definitely far more powerful. However, that does not always mean a better vaping experience. Mostly, you will use it at home only thanks to its size and inconveniences in transportation. What is more, it needs to be plugged into a socket, so you will have to be somewhere near the electricity supply point. The good point here is that you do not need to think about charging it in time.

The next steps of your choice consist of analyzing the parts of the device, which include a heating chamber made of metal or other material, a battery or an electric or butane heating source, some cords with outlet plugs (make sure the plug fits your socket) or charging cables, a filter or fine screen, and last but never least (though sometimes optional) – a mouthpiece.

Do not be afraid of dipping deep and looking for the best parameters. The market for vaping devices is so divergent now that everyone can find something that best fits them. Asking many questions in vaping stores or on online platforms for vapers is also absolutely fine. Communication is the key to success. Ask your friends and just people you see vaping about their experience; that will help much more than videos from the developers of the device.

Choosing Weed

The last but never least step is to choose the so-called material for vaping. Having chosen your best device, you will still challenge yourself to find a good source of marijuana flowers. The first and essential piece of advice is to do it legally. A few extra dollars will secure your future both from the point of view of law and from health. Literally, try to find the most official source of dry herb available for you. That will also guarantee the high quality of the product.

Secondly, it is essential to listen to your taste buds when you are choosing the taste. Even if hundreds of people say that this weed is the best one, you can’t stand the taste; never buy it because you will not use it and just throw it away. If you do not like the original cannabis taste – maybe you should consider buying not a weed pen but a wax pen, where the taste range is wider.

The final option is consonant with the saying, “You want the job done well; you do it yourself.” Well, maybe not to 100%, but still. If you want to find cannabis of high quality, try to find the grower, not the seller. Of course, the worst-case scenario is that you will grow it yourself. But, on the other hand, why not try? That will definitely be a refreshing experience in your life.


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