Lose Weight Without Giving Up Chocolate


Seven low-calorie suggestions to allow you to enjoy chocolate while trying to lose weight.

Mouthwatering chocolate is on top of the list of foods eliminated from the diet when somebody is trying to lose weight, because of its high content of fat. But you don’t have to suppress the craving of this sweet delicacy while trying to control your weight. According to Katherine Tallmadge, author of Diet Simple (LifeLine Press, 2002) there are many ways to enjoy low calorie chocolate and keep losing unwanted pounds.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than milk or white chocolate, and it’s good for your heart because it reduces blood pressure and the bad cholesterol. It’s so tasteful that you can be satisfied with a little amount, and one ounce contains only 110 calories.

Chocolate Sundaes

Replace the high-calorie ice cream with fresh fruit and pour chocolate syrup on the top. You’ll get the benefits of the antioxidants in the fruit and enjoy the taste of chocolate. One tablespoon of chocolate syrup: 25-30 calories.

Chocolate Floats

Instead of regular chocolate ice cream and soda, use half a cup of chocolate frozen yogurt and a glass of diet soda that only has 110 calories.

Chocolate Pudding

There is a wide assortment of puddings on the market, choose a fat-free variety with 120 calories per serving for a healthy choice

Chocolate Pudding Bar

The Starbucks mocha frappuccino bar is delicious and only has 120 calories. Check out the low calorie frozen treats at your local superstore for more low-calorie options.

Chocolate Miniatures

One tablespoon of semisweet or milk-miniatures contains only 50 calories, and they taste really good over vanilla yogurt for dessert or for breakfast.

Hot Chocolate

Combine half a spoon of cocoa powder with a cup of hot low-fat milk, one teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Add vanilla to taste and voilà! You’ll get a nutritious and tasty hot drink with only 100 calories.

Tips to enjoy chocolate:

Moderation is the clue.

One bar of dark chocolate has around 400 calories. If you eat half a bar of chocolate a day, you must balance those 200 calories by cutting out other sweets or snacks to keep your total calories the same.

Take your time.

Chocolate has over 300 compounds and chemicals and to really enjoy and appreciate it, you should take the time to taste it. Smell, feel and taste each piece. You’ll notice the difference.

Avoid caramel.

Choose pure dark chocolate or dark chocolate with nuts. Avoid anything with caramel, nougat or other fillings that just add sugar and fat to your diet and that don’t have any benefits to your health.


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