Why Should You Lose A Little Weight Every Day?


Exercising is an essential part of a healthy life. It is a bodily activity that maintains physical fitness and the health of the human body. Exercising helps improve strength and athletic skills, keeps the cardiovascular and other essential systems healthy, and manages weight.

In addition, when we exercise regularly, we keep our digestive system and bone density healthy, and we can keep our quality of life up at all times.

Despite having plentiful health benefits, unfortunately, only 33% of children are physically active in current times. Moreover, less than 5% of adults daily engage in physical activities. These numbers should increase because, according to studies, regular exercise reduces the chances of premature death by at least 30% and increases the power of concentration significantly. It also improves sleep.

The period of the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously pushed people to live healthy lives. The pandemic has urged people worldwide to take care of their health because nothing is as precious as one’s life. Sitting at home, without physical tasks, people were gaining weight and obesity. Thus, to help weight loss and improve the respiratory system, people started exercising. The article will discuss why obesity and unnecessary weight gain are troublesome and how one can fight them. Let’s dive into it.

The Problem Of Obesity

When a person gains excessive body fat, the complex condition is known as obesity. Various factors like environment, eating habits, metabolism, physical activities, etc., lead to symptoms of obesity. It is a medical problem and leads to problems with the heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

According to a National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (NHANES) survey, as many as 42% of adults suffer from obesity; among them, at least 9% have severe obesity. Adults 20 years or older should have a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 because doctors consider the range healthy. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is an overweight symptom, while anything above 30 signals obesity. Worldwide, men are more prone to obesity than females. But with exercise and maintaining the correct diet, weight loss is more achievable than ever.

Causes Of Unnecessary Weight Gain

As discussed earlier, multiple factors may lead to obesity. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Inheritance

The genes inherited from one’s father and mother may be responsible for the body weight. Studies suggest that genetics may play a crucial part in the rate of metabolism of a person’s body, regulation of appetite, etc. Not only are genes an essential factor, but people living in a family generally have similar eating patterns, which may also prove to be a factor.

  • Diet

An unhealthy diet filled with junk and high-calorie foods is one of the prime reasons a person suffers from obesity. For example, drinking too many soft drinks increases the calorie count of one’s body because soft drinks contain a lot of sugar.

Therefore, a person should maintain a balanced diet alongside exercise to keep fit and help lose weight.

  • Lack Of Activity

A sedentary lifestyle with significantly less physical activity is another prime reason behind obesity. Due to a lazy lifestyle, the number of calories one intakes, one doesn’t burn that much; thus, the calories keep accumulating, aiding in weight gain. Instead, one should take a small stroll outside between work hours, and one may include jogging and running early in the morning every day. These would aid weight loss.

Losing Weight Every Day

Weight loss is not a distant dream in today’s world. One can quickly lose the weight one puts on by maintaining a disciplined lifestyle and a balanced diet. Medications are not a necessity. Losing it every day means trying consistently to keep a healthy life that would aid weight loss. There are various reasons to exercise and eat healthy for weight loss. Let’s know two of the crucial reasons.

  • It Makes You Fit

To keep diseases and chronic conditions at bay, one should exercise regularly and reduce body weight. For example, excessive weight increases the chances of chronic heart diseases and makes one lazy. On the other hand, exercising and eating healthy increases concentration and improves a person’s overall lifestyle. 

One has to stay fit and mentally sound to churn out the most out of one’s daily life. Losing weight to remain fit keeps one efficient most of the time. Walking and running wouldn’t be a difficult task for someone healthy. One can enjoy one’s favorite sport if one is fit and achieves weight loss.

  • Get Rid Of Diseases

Overweight people are more prone to experience chronic diseases like heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, etc. One must eat healthily and live a better lifestyle to tackle all these problems.

Losing weight helps keep the sugar level in the body in check, making one physically more active and less dependent on medicines. Thus, one may fear less type 2 diabetes. Excessive weight is problematic to the bones too. The knees, hips, and lower back won’t hurt if one loses the required body weight. The joints remain safe as a result of weight loss. So osteoporosis won’t occur.

Being overweight may result in sleep apnea, which causes a person to stop breathing for a short time while sleeping. Weight loss reduces the chances of the occurrence of the condition. There are various medicines and therapies that one can undergo. Many undergo surgeries to lose weight, but we recommend taking the route of a disciplined life. Surgeries often prove fatal, and weight loss medicines have side effects like nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, bloating, etc.


People are aware of physical fitness now more than ever. It is high time that everyone should start exercising and keep themselves fit. Taking out half an hour from the daily schedule can help out when trying to achieve weight loss. In modern times, people who don’t take medicines to lose weight have consumed cannabis to fight body weight issues.

Although there is no direct relation between cannabis and weight loss, a fit lifestyle requires ample and sound sleep. Cannabis helps achieve that, which may be why many fitness freaks consume the extract from the plant. Of course, there may be other grounds for consumption, but those benefits require more studies and research.

For long-term health benefits, one should focus on regular exercise rather than undergoing surgeries or taking medications. We request everyone to strive to exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle. Once you start exercising and see the results, it becomes an addiction. Start your workout routine today!


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