Best Weight Loss Gifts – Tips to Help Dieters Lose Weight


Find out how to help dieters lose weight with some of the best weight loss gifts available online, including exercise gadgets and herbal supplements.

After all the Christmas parties and numerous meals out, a common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. If your partner fits into this category, weight loss gifts can be a great source of encouragement and motivation for shifting excess pounds.

How Does Your Support Help Dieters?

If you want to shed some pounds, finding the right kind of support from the people around you may help you succeed with your goal. Yes, you can be successful even without others helping you, but you’re more likely to enjoy and succeed if you have a support team that knows what type of help you need throughout your journey. 

Thus, before we get on gift ideas, you should first know how you could provide support to prevent giving unsolicited advice to someone losing weight

  • Never coach them. Instead, be a cheerleader. Never blame them if they haven’t met their goals. Continue your support and encourage them on the things they’re doing right. Lastly, keep in mind to praise them for their improvement and don’t criticize if their progress is slow.
  • Become a part of their program. Actively cooperating in their program is also a way to show you care for them. Going to the gym with them, joining for a walk, helping them prepare healthy foods, and eating some of their diet foods with them can make their efforts valuable.
  • Celebrate their success in a healthy way. Once a dieter has already reached their goal, find ways on how you can celebrate it creatively. You may bring them flowers, treat them to a movie, and give them more motivation to make them feel that their hard works are worth rewarding.

Motivation to Diet

Losing weight is certainly no easy task, making it really important for loved ones to consistently show their support and be a source of inspiration to keep dieters on the right track. It can be particularly difficult when after initially doing really well the weight loss begins to slow down, leaving feelings of disappointment and frustration. While verbal encouragement is absolutely essential, another effective means of showing support is through giving weight loss gifts.

Encouraging someone to lose weight is as difficult as having them encourage themselves. To instill confidence and encouragement to someone trying to lose weight, giving them a tiger eye bracelet can be their first step towards a successful weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Gifts for Helping Dieters

Here are some examples of practical gifts likely to be useful for encouraging and motivating dieters on their weight loss quest:

  • pedometer
  • gym subscription
  • juicer
  • body fat monitor
  • personal training sessions
  • Stott Pilates flex bands
  • exercise dvds
  • Wii fit
  • Skechers shape-up shoes
  • exercise bike
  • sit-up bar
  • Danskin waist trimmer belt
  • aqua aerobics classes
  • Weight Watchers membership
  • green tea gift set
  • Diet Plate – identify portions
  • nutritional food weighing scales
  • Cook Yourself Thin diet book
  • pamper package
  • health farm day
  • Rio slimming sauna belt
  • acai & goji berry tea set
  • cognitive behavioural therapy workbook
  • aromatherapy essential oils

Tips to Help Dieters Lose Weight

In addition to both verbal encouragement and practical weight loss gifts, there are also plenty of simple ways to support your loved one with his or her diet plan. Here are some key tips to help dieters lose weight and get to a healthy size:

  • avoid buying triggering foods
  • offer to cook a low fat, low calorie meal
  • take exercise classes together
  • find healthier ways of preparing food eg low calorie oil
  • when eating out skip dessert for herbal tea
  • detox kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer from high fat, sugary foods
  • turn off the TV and play Wii Sport
  • ditch the car and walk to the shops together
  • cut down on drinking alcohol – helping you both get healthier
  • enjoy mealtimes together without background noise – so food is eaten more slowly
  • offer to pack healthy lunches for work
  • switch fatty, high calorie sauces for flavouring with herbs and spices
  • ditch takeaways and cook healthier Chinese food in a wok instead
  • explore more of your local area together on foot
  • keep the house a junk-free zone

As highlighted above, there are a wide range of weight loss gifts available from online stores to help encourage dieters to lose weight. In addition, verbal encouragement and motivation is very important, in addition to making both eating out and eating in a healthier experience.



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