Avoid Worst Meals With Highest Fat Content to Lose Weight


Losing weight involves avoiding huge portion sizes, high sugar and fat foods.

All over the world, the trend for fast, convenience foods is on the rise with a corresponding rise in obesity rates due to the calorie-laden junk food available. The following meals offered to consumers are made with ingredients such as white flour, sugar, trans-fats, toxic processed meats; are fried or deep fried and portions are generally giant sized. Look at some of these meals and avoid them if possible!

High Fat Burgers and Sandwiches

Quadruple Bypass Burgers served with Flatliner Fries: In an apparent mockery of health-food, a hospital-themed restaurant in Arizona has named its burgers after open-heart surgical procedures. This includes single, double, triple and quadruple bypass burgers (the latter contains around 8000 calories), which range from half a pound to two pounds of beef. “Flatliner fries,” fried in lard, are unlimited. Cola, cigarettes, hard liquor and beer are all part of the menu.

Fried-brain Sandwiches: Deep fried pork or beef brains on a white bun served with mayo, pickles and onions is a dish popular in Indiana. A 6-ounce scoop of brain batter packs about 24 grams of fat.

Fatty Regional Specialities

The Garbage Plate: This is a New York speciality. As the name suggests, the meal is a mess of greasy potatoes, macaroni salad, baked beans topped with either hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, sausage or fried ham. The “garbage” is then drenched in mustard, onions and hot sauce. The meal comprises of about 3 pounds of food, and contains between 93 and 203 grams of fat.

Charred Ends: These are the burnt, fatty ends of barbecued brisket. Considered a delicacy in Kansas, the fat content is high and the fact that they are charred naturally adds to the health risks.

Frito Pie has become a New Mexican staple. This dish originally comprised of chili ladled on top of small bag of Fritos. Due to the popularity of this food item, new ideas have been invented. For example, Fritos are emptied into a bowl and topped with beef, beans, cheddar cheese, gravy, etc. Some versions are said to contain as much as 46 grams of fat.

Livermush: This dish comprises of 30% pig liver, pig head parts and cornmeal. Recipes call for around one pig’s liver and a pound and a half of fatty parts, each serving containing about 30g of fat.

Australian Meat Pies and Burgers

Meat pies are beloved by Australians, yet meat pies there often do not contain meat at all or meat that you’d rather not want to know about. According to some labeling, certain commercially produced pies don`t contain meat at all, only meat flavoring.

An Australian fast food chain sells burgers that contain around 1200 calories and contains around 80g fat or more per burger.


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