Break Food Addictions and Stop Overeating With These Tips


Food addictions are often coping mechanisms for dealing with negative emotions and stress. Switch to a non-food coping tool to break food addiction.

Just got to have that candy bar at 4pm? Just got to have that late night snack? If there is a specific food you’ve just got to have, or a specific time of day when you’ve just got to eat, you have a food addiction. Food addictions are usually a coping mechanism, a tool used to comfort and soothe oneself or to de-stress for a few moments.

There is good news and bad news about food addictions. The bad news is that food addiction causes people to overeat and gain weight. The good news is that food addictions can be overcome and overeating can be stopped. Here are some tips for breaking food addictions.

Switch to Healthier Non-Food Coping Tool

If diving into that quart of ice cream or bag of cookies every day is your way of self-medicating and de-stressing, switch to a healthier coping tool. Instead of reaching for food, go for a walk. Exercise relieves stress and boosts mood by releasing ’feel good’ hormones into the body. Exercise will also help keep you from reaching for the food your are addicted to, while helping you lose weight and get into shape.

Develop a hobby as a healthier coping tool. A hobby can provide a creative outlet for pent up negative emotions and distract you from food cravings. Hobbies in which something is created, such as a bird house or quilt, will also boost your self confidence when you see what you can accomplish with your own two hands.

Healthy Entertainment and Snacks

Music can shift your mood, so can a good movie. Keep favorite songs and movies on hand so when the food addiction cravings come around, switch on the CD or DVD instead of heading for the refrigerator.

Breaking a food addiction doesn’t mean giving up all snack foods. Rid the pantry of all un-healthy snacks and replace them will healthy snacks like fresh fruits and veggies. Low fat popcorn is a filling snack that adds fiber to the daily diet and aids in weight loss.

Make a Bucket List

Write down everything you have ever wanted and still want to do, no matter how big or how small. When a food craving hits, take a look at the bucket-list and map out a plan on how you can accomplish at least one thing on the list. A list of goals that you want to reach is a powerful motivation to not give in to a food craving.


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