On a Gluten-free Diet to Lose Weight? Think Again!


Those embarking on a gluten-free diet just to lose weight may want to include low carbohydrate products to insure weight loss success.

Those embarking on a gluten-free diet to lose weight would do well to realize that living gluten-free is not, in fact, a diet but a necessary lifestyle choice for those suffering from gluten intolerance. Statistics show that possibly one in 133 people are gluten intolerant, but are you? Embarking on this type of eating regime with just a weight loss goal in mind may not be advisable. Science doesn’t support the gluten-free weight loss theory.

How Did a Gluten-Free Lifestyle Turn Into a Perceived Weight Loss Diet?

The gluten-free way of living was born out of the desire to remove as much gluten as possible from daily eating choices to prevent painful physical symptoms associated with consuming gluten containing food.

It could have been elevated to the podium of diet status after Chelsea Clinton ordered up a gluten-free wedding cake. Toss in the required number of celebrities to take up the mantra and suddenly America is cooking up the next trendy fad diet.

The Bad News is You Can Gain Weight on a Gluten-Free Eating Plan

We tend to eat more of allowable foods when restricting other food choices. Its best to be sure these foods are not loaded with nutrition-less sugars and excess calories. Initially, some weight loss might be noticed simply due to consuming fewer calories while learning the overall diet choices.

Once that hurdle is cleared, this can ultimately wind up as a weight gain. Those folks who have been on a gluten-free lifestyle for a few years, tend to know their weight management limits and adjust their food intake accordingly.

Indulge in Gluten-free Cake and Eat it the Low Carbohydrate Way

Check out the low carbohydrate product websites. These products are not normally available in the supermarkets. Click on the gluten-free lifestyles sections and then be pleasantly surprised. The products available from these sites are not only gluten-free, but a host of them are also sugar-free for the calorie conscious.

These items are high in intestinal friendly fibers which are filling. Many of the muffin, brownie and cake mixes have low fat preparation options which keep the lid on the excess calorie box. They can be made and frozen for easy access when a snack is calling, and may become needed staples on your pantry shelf, making them a mainstay for easy weight management.

Foods Eaten Often on Gluten Restricted Eating Plan Really Do Matter. Add Some Soy

The ingredients used in many gluten-free products are not bursting with nutrition. Potato flour and rice flour are sorely lacking in this area. By eliminating grains from this daily eating plan, essential B vitamins are also removed. Try eating some soy on a regular basis.

Various carbohydrate controlled food manufacturers use whole soy flours in their products. This is a good way to add nutrition and B vitamins to your eating plan. Snack on soy nuts! These tactics will keep your weight in check while still allowing you to cut down or eliminate as much gluten as possible, if desired.


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