Give any Diet an Edge. Eat Low Carb Goodies to Boost Weight Loss


Drop more pounds on any kind of diet by adding low carb desserts and baking mixes, as they are formulated to help in more ways than one.

Enjoying a lifestyle change is mandatory, because just as soon as a diet ends, those pesky pounds can start inching back on. Most people concentrate so hard on staying on a given diet with a specific weight goal in mind that they forget about what happens when the diet is over.

If a diet is thought of as a lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix, then a whole new way of viewing how to keep those pounds off emerges. For instance, every meal eaten out with friends can become a challenge, especially when everyone opts to get dessert.

Life After Dieting Means Learning How to Eat Delicious New Lifestyle Stand-ins

The key to maintaining that weight loss is to enjoy delicious low carbohydrate food substitutes in place of the previously fattening foods. Foods in certain high risk categories include but are not limited to baked snacks and desserts, like pancakes, muffins, cakes, brownies, cookies and pies.

Unlike the regular bakery fare or supermarket boxed mixes, these low carb mixes and products do not contain sugars or nutrition-lacking ingredients. They are usually high in fiber, even the gluten-free ones. Fiber is filling and has been shown to help weight loss.

Studies have proven that adding just 14 grams of additional daily fiber results in the loss of one full pound per month. It is nice to turn a dessert into something good for you while also preventing weight gain. Some of the low carb snack bars on the market actually contain eight to 11 grams of fiber. If desired, prepare the low carb baking mixes using egg whites and other lower fat ingredients in place of eggs and sour cream. This can further lower the prepared version’s calorie counts.

Low Carb Products Contain Fiber and Protein to Help Bodies Stay Lean

Comparing the basic ingredient panels of supermarket baked goods and low carb mixes show why it is so easy to gain weight when the diet is over. Most people love sweets and do not want to live their lives without eating dessert every now and then. Each small piece of cake can have almost 300 calories and nothing in the way of fiber or protein, not to mention the fattening simple sugars.

Sugar is addictive and before we know it we are once again overeating foods containing sugars. Unlike sugar, fiber is filling and is very good for the digestive system, promoting healthy bowels and normal regularity. Proteins, like those in whole soy foods enable the body to retain muscle mass, which unfortunately can be lost during the course of dieting. Protein intake enables fat loss in place of muscle loss. We need our muscles to burn more calories.

The Secret of Successful Weight Loss Management are Daily Substitutions

It is important to have really good-tasting substitutions and to keep them handy so that we can go through the our days enjoying our lifestyle without feeling deprived.

It is not hard to forgo that brownie at the eatery when you know you can go home to a delicious low carb one, realizing that it will not have to be paid for twice (once with money and once again on the scales). Go to the low carb websites and look for the carb counters’ bakery mixes and choose your favorite types and flavors.

One thing about the bakery products is that they are usually delicious, so it is easy to get used to eating these in place of the sugar-filled ones. Get your favorites, make them up and freeze them to be sure you have some on hand.

Knowing What to do to Keep Blood Sugar Levels from Spiking is the Key

Substituting daily low carb goodies in place of the regular sugar and nutrition-less ones is the key to weight loss success. This gives us the dieting edge we so desperately need. Eating sugar-filled, fattening desserts will permit the body to easily spike sugar levels and store unwanted fat.

Eating these sugared snack or dessert foods in the evening is especially dangerous for weight management. Changing a bad habit into a good one gives us something to feel good about and to look forward to without the feelings of self-denial that tag along with abstaining. So just at goody time, become a carb counter and stop flipping the switch from diet to non-diet by simply changing daily sweets to these tasty and healthy carb- controlled ones. Enjoy.


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