How to Treat Yourself Without Hurting Your Weight Loss Progress

Weight loss takes a lot of discipline and self-control, but is it worth the heartbreak of knowing that you can’t enjoy food out of fear that you’d ruin the progress that you’ve worked so hard to gain?

We all want to treat ourselves at one point or another during our weight loss journey. There will come a point that we begin to long for a brief respite from all the stringent diets, the fasting, and the healthy food choices that aren’t as tasty or delicious as their sinful counterparts.

Weight loss takes a lot of discipline and self-control, but is it worth the heartbreak of knowing that you can’t enjoy food out of fear that you’d ruin the progress that you’ve worked so hard to gain?

It’s true that there’s a fine line between treating yourself and ruining your diet. But it’s completely possible to enjoy yourself without gaining weight in the process. You don’t have to become a food zombie to reach your fitness goals. In fact, being too strict about your diet can lead to depression, demotivation, and an overall feeling of deprivation. As with all things, we need to be able to strike a balance. Here’s how:

Prioritize Mindfulness

Sometimes, having a treat is more about the feeling than it is about the taste. Treats are often a means of reward as opposed to a way to gain nourishment.

Whether it’s a scoop of ice cream or a burger grilled to perfection, the key to enjoying these treats is to focus on the quality of the food, not necessarily how they fill your appetite. By appreciating each and every bite, you’ll be able to treat yourself without engaging in any binge-eating.

Get Enough Rest

The amount and quality of sleep that we get also influences the intensity of our cravings. People who have healthy sleeping patterns are better able at resisting the urge to binge eat. In fact, sleep itself can be a treat. Enjoy it.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

A common misconception that many have is that if they work out enough, they can eat whatever they want without consequence. While this is generally correct in regards to burning calories, it’s wrong to wolf down cheat foods right after a workout session. This is because the body needs the right nutrients in order to repair itself. Instead of eating cheat foods post-workout, you should opt for foods that are high in protein and fiber. If you’re able to nourish your body properly after a workout, you won’t crave treats until later in the day.

Find Alternative Ways to Treat Yourself

Another good way to treat yourself without worrying about putting on extra weight is to find other means to reward yourself. Rewards are not limited to food, and satiation is not the only pleasure that you’re capable of feeling.

There are many ways to reward yourself, whether it’s taking the day off to relax, going for a quiet stroll through your favorite park, or even a trip to a med spa, which not only provides a comfortable and relaxing environment to spend time in, but also provides aesthetic and anti-aging services.

Don’t Slide Down a Slippery Slope

There will be times when you lose control over your appetite. This is perfectly normal, especially when you go long periods without the food you crave. Sometimes we get invited to parties and other events where there’s a lot of food and alcohol. It’s during these times that many fail to adhere to their diets.

These scenarios happen, and it’s completely fine, as long we don’t use our initial failure to justify binging again later. This isn’t a health-harming mistake, nor should it be treated like one. A single miscalculation won’t undo the hard work you’ve done up to this point, but it simply means that you should avoid having another cheat day for the rest of the week.

Weight loss is not an easy program to undertake. While it requires discipline and self-control, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy nice things. It’s all about striking a balance between rewarding yourself and staying true to your routine. Live a little! Besides, not being able to enjoy the food you want is bound to make you irritable. Don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while.


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