Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Simple Tips and Tricks


Thinking of shedding some extra pounds? Try incorporating these simple tips and tricks into your life.

It’s said that beauty is skin deep and no truer words were spoken. Unfortunately life’s never that simple and although it’s a nice notion that we can be ourselves and look whatever way we please, it’s not always the case. Whether we’re being judged by others or infinitely worse being judged by ourselves, it all comes down to one thing – are you happy? There’s nothing more and nothing less.

So if you find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking that losing a few pounds might magnify your smile, then try to incorporate these simple steps into you day to day life. It’s important to keep in mind that most diets and exercise routines fail because they are so painfully boring and unpleasant that we end up saying to ourselves “Did I really want to lose weight that much in the first place?”

Don’t overload yourself and remember that dropping those extra pounds should be fun and not a chore.

Simple Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight


Never underestimate the importance of this pre day meal. Get it in as early as possible, preferably before you get hungry. There’s a small window from when you wake up, before the hunger starts. Fill this window and force yourself to eat something like a bowl of cereal or some hot oatmeal. Eating before you’re hungry postpones and dilutes your appetite, helping you to avoid the big greasy breakfast cravings.

Ice Cold Water

Drink ice cold water before and during your regular meals. There are several benefits, including aiding digestion, giving a “fuller” sensation, slowing the speed of your eating and directly knocking off calories (the amount varies from person to person).


The dreaded exercise. Whatever way you look at it, exercise burns off body fat. This is where most people slip up, by overloading themselves. If you set the bar too high and can’t keep up with your ridiculous workout routine, everything else tends to crumble along with it. Don’t overburden yourself and start with a manageable pace; for example a 10-minute walk each day. Buy a hula hoop or some small weights and use them in front of the television.


Sometimes goals are easier to achieve in groups. Being around people with a common objective can provide the needed motivation to persevere and finally push for what you want. Talking with others takes some of the strain off losing weight and can make the difference between a chore and a fun day out. The group can be official, for example Weight Watchers, or it can be an unofficial meet up between likeminded friends. See what works best for you.

Dietary Additions

It would seem that nowadays everything is unhealthy for you. We’re even told that eating too much fruit is bad and can cause tooth decay and obesity. We’ve reached a point where only the “experts” seem too know what’s good and what’s not. Even they seem confused. Along with the daunting exercise, this is a main reason most people give up on their diets and weight loss programs. Let’s take another path. Now I’m not sure how “fun” this last one is considered (it’s certainly not difficult) but as a slimming aid, add a healthy amount of fiber and chili to your diet. The chili helps with digestion and more importantly slows the eating pace down, while the fiber keeps you full longer.

Commitment to the Weight Loss Cause

Remember that food can be an addiction, and just like giving up smoking, you have to genuinely want to cut down to see results. Commit to your new routine and keep in mind that although the above tips and tricks are relatively easy to incorporate into your everyday life, they still wholly rely on your perseverance.

Don’t overload yourself; but on the other hand, you won’t see results if you slack off and go about it half heartedly. Set realistic goals and try to picture yourself in the future once those extra pounds are gone. The most important thing of all is try to have fun. Life shouldn’t be a drag.


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