How to Raise Your Pain Tolerance


Experiencing physical pain is a natural thing. However, there are people who somehow have a higher pain threshold, which allows them to handle longer workout sessions and improve their everyday living.

While some studies suggest that the ability to withstand pain is genetic, it’s still worth knowing if it’s possible to attain it. Here are a few tips that might help you to raise your pain tolerance:

Know your pain threshold

The first thing you might want to consider is gaining an understanding of how much pain you can tolerate.  There are various tools and methods to determine the amount of physical suffering you go through. In fact, law firms that specialize in personal injury cases like Tario Law & Associates can use these approaches to determine the actual amount of monetary compensation that victims are entitled to.

Fortunately, you don’t have to experience a traumatic injury just to know how much pain you can tolerate. There’s an instrument known as a dolorimeter that can measure your pain threshold by applying certain degrees of pressure or heat on certain areas of your body such as your arms and legs.

Along with this tool, doctors also ask a certain set of questions to get a more accurate understanding of where you are on a pain scale. These approaches should be handled by a medical professional, so reach out to your physician and have them run some tests that will determine your pain threshold.

Engage in physical activity

Reducing your sensitivity to pain is only a matter of training your body to accommodate certain amounts of tension and pressure. You can help build your endurance by undergoing intensive training each week.

The science behind this is simple. When your body exerts more pressure, hormones known as endorphins are released. These chemicals are known as immediate pain relievers. When produced in massive quantities during an intense workout session, you would feel as though you were in a state of euphoria. Through regular exercise, you can train your body to produce more endorphins incrementally, thereby raising your pain tolerance in the long run.

Manage stress

Pain is closely tied to the state of mind you are in. If you are prone to high levels of stress, your sensitivity to pain also increases. Increasing your pain tolerance should also involve knowing how to reduce stress. You can try practicing yoga or drinking herbal teas when you are in an anxious state. Depending on your doctor, you can take medication such as picamilon or CBD-based products that can provide immediate relief without causing any serious side effects. Just be sure to avoid over-the-counter painkillers, especially if you are taking other medication.

You can never escape from physical pain, but you can always train your body to become less sensitive to it. While there is no sure-fire way to help you feel indestructible, you can always refer to the tips above to raise your pain tolerance and get more out of life.


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