How To Get Rid Of That Persistent Post-Workout Pain


Let’s face it, we aren’t our ancestors. We’re not at the peak physical condition our body is capable of, as the risk of death looms ever over our heads, we’re not capable of swinging a sword twice our size for hours on end, as our mind numbs to the cacophony of screams and steel hitting steel around us, knee deep in mud, forced to slog on. But, we can try to be in the best possible condition we can be, and that requires work. Workouts, as it were. 

Get up and Start

The human body is capable of extreme punishment, in some cases resulting in almost superhuman stories of survival and incredible strength, such as in the case of Hugh Glass, who not only survived a Grizzly attack that left him torn to literal shreds, breathing bubbles of blood, but also dragged his broken body over the wilderness of North America, battling the wildlife, infections, and fever, to seek retribution against the men who had abandoned him and left him for dead.

Of course, Hugh Glass’ story is extraordinary, and it is highly unlikely that any other human being could go through what he did. However, we can at least try and emulate his example by getting up and exercising, working out, and pushing our bodies and also our minds out of sluggish laziness and into a sharp, concentrated focus that will not only aid us in improving our bodies but also in all other areas of our life. Be it study, work, or relationships, all of it will be improved by our own improved selves. 

Pain after Effort

After having worked out, especially when you’re still at the beginning of your fitness journey and your body is still getting used to the strain and is unfamiliar with being put through its paces, you might find a sore pain, maybe a somewhat burning sensation on your body.

Don’t worry, this is a good sign. It means you’re actually improving; your muscles are hardening and tense, building up your body. However, if you feel genuine pain, you should proceed a little more carefully and try to get rid of the post-workout pain.

A fantastic first option, and the easiest to use, are massage guns to get rid of pain and, as a result, boost your recovery. Just point and shoot, so to speak, concentrating on the area that exudes the most pain, and it will do all the work for you. 

This does not mean you should stop completely and get back to lounging on the couch, staring at the mumbling TV with bleary eyes, shoveling junk food into your mouth. No. You keep going, you break through the pain, you master it, you build walls around your pain, you confine it, and you control it.

You will find yourself capable of stamina and energy unlike anything you’ve felt before, and it is at this point that you have truly embraced your journey into fitness and a new you.

Douse the Flame of Pain

Inflamed muscles sound scary, but really, it’s a sign of palpable growth. However, you do want the burn to be controlled, as chronic inflammation can be a cause of other problems. First and foremost, stretching and warming up your muscles before you get into the thick of it is an almost mandatory method of avoiding unnecessary headaches down the road. 

Stay hydrated before, during, and after your workouts as water keeps the fluids moving through your body, which in turn helps with inflammation, flushes out waste, and delivers important nutrients to your muscles. 

Something else that’s also very helpful but which will most likely usually occur to you naturally is eating something soon after your workout, preferably within half an hour, which will give you a healthy portion of protein. 

Sleep is vital, obviously, not only for exercise. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Another thing which may help is taking a day’s break after a hard workout, or maybe light exercise, as you don’t want to strain your developing body. Maybe go for a light swim or a walk. You want to avoid doing another intense workout that targets the same muscles as the day before.

In the end, don’t be afraid to push yourself. Go beyond the pain and find the strength to become a far superior version of yourself, who’s not only fitter, but more confident, more focused, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Do not be content with familiar monotony. 


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