Hit the Gym and Loose Weight with Great Routines – How to Love it


No matter what we do, unwanted weight creeps on; especially after holidays and vacations. The solution of course is to get back on track, by lowering the daily total calorie intake and step up the exercise routine. Simple solution but not necessarily fun. It is possible to enjoy the process with a few simple mind games and good old fashioned discipline.

To eat or not to eat

Naturally slim people have a “slim” lifestyle. They tend to focus on activities rather than food centered entertainment. It is more enjoyable to go for a walk, drive, an ATV ride or re-organize the garage than sit around holding down the couch. That’s not to say that slender people don’t log their fair share of couch time too, it’s just not excessive. Once those pants start getting a bit too tight, it’s time to reduce calories by substitutions; not by denying food, crazy diets or going hungry. This just leads to more overeating.

Why not try:

  • Skipping desserts or substituting a low calorie sweet like Jell-O, diet ice cream portioned bars or reduced calorie cookies instead.
  • Reducing portions on the plate and taking smaller bites. The brain is fooled into thinking it’s just had a fantastic treat.
  • Cutting way down on salt, fats and carbs
  • Increasing fruits, veggies and fiber
  • Drinking loads of water

The basic principle is if hungry, eat but make it a healthy choice. Once a week have a splurge meal. For this meal, anything can be eaten without guilt; looking forward to this weekly splurge gets many dieters through the process.

The workout

Exercise is necessary for good health. Whether it’s everyday or 3 times a week, it’s an important step in losing weight and can be really fun. Choose a workout that’s interesting and maybe even informative. There are so many unique choices like work-out DVDs on yoga, Tae Bo, kick boxing, Pilates…the list goes on and on.

Some get up early and run or walk, finding that seeing different sights and the fresh air keeps the routine from becoming boring. For goodness sake, if there’s a family dog, take him/her with you. Having man’s best friend along is more fun and they need exercise too.

The gym workout has its advantages; everything needed is under one roof. Working out in the gym is fast, efficient and usually entertaining with flat screen TVs and new people to meet and chat with.

Some tips to keep the workout fresh and interesting:

Mix it up – combining different routines weekly keeps it from getting boring

Have an “eye on the prize” attitude during the workout, by focusing on a mental picture of you looking your best and feeling great. Adopt a“Scared Straight” mindset, Keeping in mind that an entire larger sized wardrobe is financially out of the question.

Give yourself a treat after the workout. This should be a non-food treat like a hot bath, hot tub soak, getting together with a friend or hit a movie.

Make healthy life choices by choosing activity centered hobbies like sports, bicycling, hiking, golfing, tennis, boating, ATV riding for entertainment rather than eating centered activities like meeting for champagne brunch or dinner out. It’s more fun and healthy.


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