Why Go Organic?


Eating organic food or opting for organic alternatives can be regarded as a drastic change in lifestyle. It might sound like a boring regimented existence, a choice that steals the “joie de vivre” (joy of life/living).

Organic living is not as elusive as it sounds. Here is some information on organics, organic farming and the health benefits of organic products for health and vitality.

What is Organics?

The most common theory about organics is that it is about food grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. However, organics extends further than this, it is a paradigm shift, where farmers who use organic methods to grow produce and people, who purchase and consume these goods, are generally concerned with the preservation of the earth and its resources.

It is about forward thinking and an understanding that resources have to be preserved for future generations. Therefore, those that use these resources today have to be sensitive about ecological challenges, by existing in harmony with the land and giving the environment time to rehabilitate.

What is Organic Farming?

According to bodyandmind.co.za, a website that promotes synergy between health, lifestyle and beauty, organic, “generally means that the food was grown in soil that had no synthetic chemicals added for a minimum of three years.”

It is further mentioned on this website that: “organic farmers use natural pesticides and fertilizers like compost and manure, and they employ sustainable farming methods such as pest management and crop rotation.

How Does Organic Farming Work?

Organic farming and the techniques applied by organic farmers is further explained by go-organic.co.za, an online directory of organic farmers, producers and suppliers. This online repository states that organic farming can be challenging as there are no “quick-fixes” involved.

Furthermore, as organic farming is subject to the unpredictability of nature, including weather and pest infestations, farmers apply old and new techniques (scientific research) to balance the natural ecosystem of the land.

Health Benefits of Organic Products

As organic products were grown without the use of genetically modifying organisms, the health benefits of this food is notable.

It is mentioned on go-organic.co.za that: “the hazards for human health of consuming products contaminated by harmful pesticides include increased risks of cancer, reproductive problems and neurological damage.” Moreover, organic food has higher vitamin content and still retains the natural flavor, hence, the reason why a number of top restaurants prefer organic products; states the above mentioned website.

Going organic might not seem like an easy choice, but it is not as complicated as it sounds. Think of it in terms of choosing a healthier organic alternative and not a complete lifestyle change, while doing some good for the preservation of an ailing planet.


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