Why Caffeine Withdrawal Causes Headaches

The consumption of caffeine is widespread across the world. Find out why all the caffeine intake can lead to a very unpleasant headache.

Caffeine is one of the most widespread addictions in our society. The working-class person usually loves to wake up and have a fresh cup of coffee without even noticing his or her addiction. Coffee is a stimulant, which means the person who consumes it will get a sudden jolt of energy for as much as an hour or two.

Energy is much needed in the work force which is why many people turn to the drink to get through the rough early morning hours. Coffee is okay to an extent until you get to about three or four cups every morning. This is when your body builds a dependency on the drink and will cause you to have some serious headaches if caffeine is not acquired.

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Realize the Addiction

Many people may not see that caffeine is an addiction; stick them with just water for a day and they will be in some serious pain. People who lack sleep consume large amounts of coffee to stay awake. The higher the consumption of caffeine means the higher risk of getting a headache when not drinking coffee. Caffeine addiction is not just apparent in adults but as well as our world’s youth.

Kids love soda and the surge of energy drinks hitting the market is sickening. This is our youth’s way of getting wired on caffeine themselves without having to drink coffee because they may not prefer the taste.

The amount of caffeine present in these energy drinks is disturbing; trumping the amount found in a 12 oz. cup of coffee by about 75%. Children who drink a large amount of energy drinks will receive a headache not only from caffeine, but also the amount of sugar that is put into these artificial drinks. Withdrawal can occur even more seriously in children because they are attaining a larger amount of caffeine than most adults are.

Health Problems

The consumption of coffee or other caffeinated drinks will cause your blood pressure to rise. Dilation of blood vessels in the brain when coffee is not consumed causes us to receive a painful headache.

Caffeine is used to constrict the blood vessels to a smaller state which will then numb the pain causing the headache. When a person does not consume caffeine they will receive a decrease in blood pressure; meaning our bodies go through a physical change. This can cause people to receive a painful withdrawal because the body has built up a dependency.

You should check out some all natural energy boosters to avoid high blood pressure and caffeine withdrawals. Coffee and energy drinks do not have to be the only source of energy in your life. Superb nutrition and a healthy amount of exercise can give you the boost you are looking for.

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