Breakfast Ideas to Boost Your Energy for the Day


Learn about healthy foods you should eat for breakfast, to gain lasting energy for the whole day.

Skipping breakfast is a bad habit, not only for your health, but also for your body energy. If you don’t take the necessary nutrients from breakfast, you will end with a midday crash in your energy. According to a Food and Health survey conducted by International Food Information Council Foundation, 93 percent of Americans agrees that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet less than half of them eat breakfast each day.

You should start your morning eating carbohydrates, high fiber and proteins, to gain the necessary power for all activities. Use the following energy foods and you will discover the benefits of daily breakfast.

Eggs are a healthy choice for breakfast

Eggs are rich in protein and nutrients that will give you energy. One single egg has about 13 percent of daily necessary for high quality proteins. Try scrambled eggs, omelet, or hard-boiled eggs if you want a healthy snack. Eating eggs early in the morning will help you keep hunger away, and prevent muscle loss.

Nourishing oatmeal and whole-grain bread

Avoid muffins or white bread for breakfast. Instead, you should eat whole-grain bread sandwiches with tomato topping or a bowl of milk with oatmeal and nuts. This way you will include carbohydrates and whole grains in your diet, and you will have enough vigor for the morning schedule. Oatmeal and whole grains will also help you lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar levels, and fill you up until lunch.

Learn how to bake oatmeal cookies. Take them with you at work or give them to your children for lunch breaks.

Include Low-fat diary in your daily breakfast

Yogurt is the easiest choice for a healthy morning meal. You don’t have to cook it, and this will save you precious time. Besides, yogurt is an important source of calcium and protein. You can add whole grain cereals, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds to your yogurt.

If you don’t like yogurt, you can choose low-fat cheese. This way you grab the necessary proteins and calcium for your body. Add whole-grain crackers or fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for a healthy breakfast.

Eat fresh fruits every morning

Fruits are important in a daily menu. They have fibers that help digestion, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You should choose pears, apples, papaya, oranges, strawberries, and blackberries. Don’t eat dried fruits. They have fewer nutrients than fresh ones. Moreover, avoid juices, even if you make them yourself. Most of the fruits’ fibers will be lost in the extractor.

Opt for lean meat to get more proteins

For a satisfying breakfast, you should also consider a sandwich with ham, turkey or chicken slices. They are a good option for proteins and B vitamins, which will help the body’s metabolism. Those of you who don’t have time to spare in the morning can cook a stake for dinner and use the leftovers for a quick breakfast.

Eating breakfast every day improves your body energy and helps you lose weight. Early meals will reduce your hunger, and it will be easy to avoid overeating the rest of the day.


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