Best Super Foods for Kids


A list of easy to obtain super foods that will help boost your child’s immunity and help them steer clear of the cold and flu during those winter months.

Are super foods really that super? Recent studies claim that these mega nutrient packed foods can even help keep your children healthy during cold and flu season.

Which Superfoods are the Best?

With all these different food choices out there, parents often ask themselves what are the best foods to feed my child. Super foods are those whole foods which are nutritionally superior to all others.

These foods are packed with high levels of nutrients and also stabilize moods and help combat diseases. Most of these foods are easy to shop for at local grocers or farmers markets. According to the June 2010 Edition of Parenting magazine, there are some super foods that are better than others. Here are those that made the top 5 list.


Superfoods That Can Help Fight Diseases

#1 Blueberries

These little blue round berries are packed full of antioxidants which help ward off diseases such as heart disease and diabetes and many others. Blueberries can be added to breakfast cereals or for an exciting after school snack create a frozen Popsicle with blended blueberries and low fat yogurt.

#2 Tomato

This red lycopene-filled fruit can be linked to protecting against cancers. If your child does not like raw tomatoes, a good way to include the fruit in their diet is to make tomato based sauces for spaghetti or homemade pizza with tomatoes sauce. Your child may also like to dip these in a sauce.

#3 Cinnamon

This is a spice that can add more than just flavor to your child’s diet. Cinnamon has properties that help regulate blood sugar which can affect moods. This is a great addition to a mid afternoon snack which tends to be the most common blood sugar low for most kids. Sprinkle this over their milk or on toast with honey.

#4 Black Beans

These little beans are fortified with fiber, calcium and protein, all of which are very important to a growing child. There are many ways to incorporate black beans into a child’s diet. You can add these yummy additions to soups and stews or add them to quesadillas.

#5 Low-fat Greek Yogurt

This yogurt has the highest concentration of protein among it’s yogurt friends and also contains Lactobacillus, a healthy bacterium that aids in digestion of food and helps to boost immunity. You can pour honey over add blueberries to this yogurt for an extra healthy snack.

There are many foods that we tend to feed our children that can add to their growth and health. Natural and healthy alternatives will be most beneficial and will not only enhance their healthy but add years to their life.


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