Maintaining Motivation for Losing Weight


Anyone who has tried dieting before knows it can be easy to lose motivation and want to give up, although to actually get in shape requires a great deal of motivation and determination. When attitude becomes everything to losing weight, how do you maintain the right attitude? Some things that help are setting simple goals, creating a diet, beginning an exercise routine, and staying positive.

Set Simple Goals

Having motivation requires a purpose. When setting weight loss goals, start with why you want to lose weight. List your reason specifically and simply, such as: “to have more energy to play with the kids,” “to improve my health problems,” “to look good at a family reunion,” etc. Record your “why” and put it somewhere you can be reminded often.

Another way to stay motivated is by setting other simple goals rather than being overstrict or wanting to lose too much weight too soon. Being too strict with your exercise and eating habits can lead to becoming quickly overwhelmed. You may get off track or even quit altogether.

Set specific small and long range goals and be proud of achievements. For example, if you want to lose 15 pounds in three months, then break it down by saying you will plan to lose five pounds each month for the next three months.

Create a Diet

Decide on what changes you want to make in your diet. Try new foods and new meals to help yourself be more excited about healthy meals and avoid getting bored and going for the sweets. Keep healthy snacks on hand to avoid grabbing less healthy quick options.

Begin an Exercise Routine

Set how many times you want to exercise a week, perhaps set aside a time of day as well. Keep it interesting by finding new ways to work out. You may gain a new hobby or end up having more fun than you would have thought. If you find ways to exercise that you enjoy you will be more likely to continue to work out on a regular basis.

Keep Positive

Above all, get excited for achievements you make in all facets of getting in shape. Whether it’s sticking to your exercise routine, losing weight, getting more toned, going down a pant-size, it’s worth celebrating!

With continued motivation, you will reach your goals and be so glad you stuck to it. Not only will you get in shape, but you will develop healthy lifelong habits. Keep with it and you’re on your way to a healthier version of yourself.


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