Lose Weight – Acknowledge and Reward your Efforts


Look and feel great by rewarding your commitment to dieting and weight loss.
We can all agree that dieting is not easy, the commitment involved is overwhelming and even the best diet plan invokes “deprivation”; a feeling so strong that no matter how committed one is to losing weight, cheating or entirely giving up constantly threatens our efforts. While losing weight has the ultimate rewards of looking and feeling great, overcome the negative feeling of deprivation by rewarding your efforts.

Reward yourself for sticking to your diet plan

Rewards can increase the self-esteem and confidence needed to stick to our commitment. For some people, a new book, new clothes, or some flowers might be very appealing. However, such prizes might not satisfy the longing for strawberry shortcake, a Big Mac, after work drinks, and other lures we feel we deserve. Therefore, rewards should reinforce achievements.

The best rewards support weight lose achievements

Increase the chances of success and speed the process of weight lose by enjoying body treatments such as a massage, sauna, or hydrotherapy. In addition to accelerating weight loss, body therapy has the power to increase the self-confidence necessary to commit to a diet plan. Body treatments are not expensive, no more costly than a dinner at a restaurant and are available in day spa and gyms.

Massage tones and firms the body

Massages increase circulation by releasing contracted muscles thus increasing blood flow throughout the body. The increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients that aid to rid the body of waste products. The best feature of a massage is the power to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In general, massages can be quite pleasant rewards. After a massage treatment, usually infused with essential oils, individuals feel relaxed and still full of energy, with increased self-esteem and confidence.

Sauna the perfect aid to burn calories

Sauna is about sweating and treatments can help burn about 300 calories per session, not bad when combined with diet and exercise. In addition, sauna sessions improve circulation, clear out pores, eliminate toxins, and improve skin texture. Saunas are tranquil places, perfect for helping relieve the physical and mental stress related to weight loss and exercise. After a sauna session, a look in the mirror will reveal a glowing, fit, and contented person.

Hydrotherapy for a lighter than air feeling

Hydrotherapy involves relaxing in warm, powerful moving water that massage and invigorate the body. Like massage and sauna, hydrotherapy stimulates muscles, improves circulation, aids to detoxify and tone skin. After soaking in the fast moving water, the body feels light, a walking on air feeling takes over, the whole experience is simply sumptuous enough to remain motivated for a long time.

By rewarding the body and mind with the easy luxury of the body treatments discussed, losing weight can be an uplifting experience leading to the ultimate reward of looking and feeling great.


Regular treatments are recommended for continuous results.

Seek the advice of a qualified health service provider before proceeding with any fitness or wellness treatment program.


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