What’s Preventing You From Losing Weight? 4 Common Issues


So, you’ve been trying to lose weight for months — or even years — and it’s just not coming off.

What gives?

While a range of issues can complicate a person’s weight loss efforts, most of the time, it comes down to your mental and emotional state.

Here are a few of the most common issues that could be holding you back.

4 Common Issues That Inhibit Weight Loss Efforts

1. A lack of inspiration

What is motivating you to lose weight? Do you want to fit better into your clothes? Do you want to meet someone and eventually get married? Do you have a big event coming up?

These are your motivating factors, and it’s important that you keep them directly in front of your face as often as possible. As humans, we tend to be rather forgetful, especially when we’re faced with something that we desperately want but that may go against our ultimate goals.

You see what we’re getting at here.

You’ve told yourself you want to lose weight for your class reunion, but when you’re offered a delicious piece of cake, the idea of the reunion is far from your mind.

To help yourself stay inspired, keep quotes, pictures, and other reminders all around your house and wherever you go. This will help spur your inspiration and motivation.

2. Excess stress

A little stress in life is normal — and actually, it’s good.

Just as we need a little “kick in the pants” sometimes (more on this later), sometimes, a healthy dose of stress can motivate us.

On the other hand, too much stress is always a bad thing. If you’ve been experiencing excess stress from your home life and/or work life, make sure you address these issues.

One thing that can help is CBD oil. CBD oil does not contain THC as marijuana does, even though the two products are related because they both come from cannabis plants. Check out your local DC dispensaries for a good CBD oil that fits your lifestyle and can help you better manage your stress for weight loss.

3. Too much focus on creature comforts

It’s easy to understand why a lot of people don’t follow diet plans and exercise plans very well.

When you have the choice between a slice of hot, cheesy pizza and a cold, crunchy salad with lite dressing, it’s natural to choose the pizza. If it’s between your warm bed at 5:30 in the morning and getting up to go outside for a run, you’re not crazy if you choose the warm bed.

Being comfortable is something that we all need and benefit from. Creating a warm and inviting home for yourself, a clean space where you can do your work, and a welcoming bedroom space that is conducive to good sleep — these are all good things.

But life isn’t just about feeling comfortable. Sometimes, in fact, feeling uncomfortable is the very thing you need in order to get what you want long-term. And if what you want long-term is success in your weight loss efforts, remember that you’re going to have to give up some of your creature comforts — at least temporarily.

4. Not sticking with it

Dedication to a weight loss plan is essential if you’re looking to shed pounds. Often, what matters is not the specific diet plan you’ve chosen to follow, but rather, how well you’re able to follow any diet plan.

In truth, a keto diet, Mediterranean diet, diabetic diet, heart-healthy diet, or any other diet is just fine. They all probably work. But it is critical that you actually follow the diet plan and do not waiver from it any more than you have to.

The same goes for exercise plans. Most exercise plans work because they burn calories and get your muscles to work more so that they become more toned over time. But if you’re not doing the plan you’ve chosen, it’s literally impossible for it to work.

Certainly, it’s okay to test out different diet plans and exercise programs to find one or two that click well with you and your personality and lifestyle. But just remember: sticking with it will be the true key to your success.

Are You Truly In It to Win It?

Contrary to what diet advertisements may tell you, it’s practically impossible to have a weight loss experience that’s consistently positive and never difficult. Losing weight is truly hard, and accepting this fact is crucial to fighting through the difficulties and succeeding.

What’s most important is to know your enemies. In other words, know what issues challenge you the most. Use the advice above to maneuver out of difficult situations and work with your own mind to achieve results.


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