Common CPAP Issues That You Need to be Aware of


If you are a CPAP user, then there is no doubt that you have experienced some type of issue with your machine. A CPAP works by delivering air pressure to the user’s lungs to help them sleep through the night without interruption. But what exactly are these common issues?

You Cannot Find A CPAP That Fits Your Face And/Or Mouth

You may remember the first time you tried on a CPAP mask. It took multiple tries before your face and neck would adjust to having something pressed up against them all night long, but once it became comfortable, there was no going back! However, as you begin to use your machine more often over time, that comfort level diminishes quickly without notice. The air pressure from the CPAP is simply too much for one’s facial skin or mouth area, which can cause pain/irritation throughout the night. Some ways in which this issue could be remedied is by changing out masks every six months (as they will wear out quicker than normal), using a humidifier with distilled water so less moisture enters into contact with the mask’s cushion, and ensuring you do not have a mask that is too big for your face.

The Machine Is Making Too Much Noise

Another common issue with CPAP machines is that they are simply too loud. While this may vary from user to user based on the machine’s location, the environment it rests in (room vs. closet), and the type of mask used; the fact remains that your CPAP could be disrupting both you or someone else’s sleep because of its noise level. There were lawsuits against CPAP machines from Philips, due to the foam which was placed to lower the noise. If possible, move the device into another room entirely where there will not be any interference caused by other household items such as a fan running, TVs playing throughout the night, etc.  Another option would be purchasing earplugs, so external sounds do not bother you during rest time!

As mentioned before, if users continue experiencing issues after trying out potential solutions, then they should consult their physician.

You Do Not Remember Anything From Your Dreams

For those who suffer from sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is often recommended as the most effective treatment. A good night’s rest with such a device will help to reduce or even eliminate snoring and/or breathing issues throughout the night, which allows you to dream! However, if certain users continue to experience extremely vivid dreams that they cannot recall upon waking; then they may need to adjust their mask pressure settings in addition to checking for faulty hoses. Any change in one’s environment can also lead them into having different types of episodes at night, so it would be beneficial for patients suffering from this issue to try out new sleeping patterns like staying later than normal before bedtime, etc.

You Cannot Find The Machine

When you first set up your CPAP, it was probably placed in a convenient location that made sense to you. As time went on though and certain users continued having issues with their sleep patterns; they may have needed to adjust where their machine is located due to mask discomfort or noise interference. However, if this change has now caused them problems by forgetting about its existence altogether, then there needs to be an adjustment once again! Many patients choose not to place their machines within sight because of aesthetics, so they will often leave them hidden somewhere out of sight (closets are perfect given how many items rest atop one another). If both these options do not work for some reason, then placing sticky notes around the house should remind people where the device is.

CPAP machines are a good way to treat many medical conditions. Plus they’re especially helpful for people with sleep apnea issues since this condition results in large amounts of missed sleep time and daytime fatigue.


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