Five Tips for Women for Keeping Interested in Exercise at Age 37


Fitness and exercise just doesn’t produce the same results at age 37 as it did at age 27. With diminishing returns on time and energy spent, it’s easy to let weight loss exercise fall by the wayside.

However, most women still want to look and feel great no matter what age. Pull yourself out of an exercise rut and get yourself back on track by considering fitness and exercise as a new project, finding some form of exercise that you can bear to do for five minutes a day, or finding exercise that works around any aches and pains. Invest in your bone health with some strength training, and your heart health with some cardio training.

Treat Weight Loss Exercise as a New Project

Just like a New Year’s Resolution, the start of a new weight loss exercise regime should begin on a clear date and with something dramatic to mark the occasion. In my mind, the first of the week, or the first of the month is a clearly defined date that makes the results psychologically easier to measure. Starting on a Monday or on the first of February makes it easier if you require planning in advance.

To mark the start of a fresh commitment to weight loss exercise, try the following:

  • Lemon detox for seven days. It has many critics but it worked for me by helping me identify my base weight (weight at which my body can happily function on a minimum diet), whilst also leaving me enough energy to go to the gym every day,
  • Plan every meal i.e. breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon teach, dinner, dessert and get all ingredients from the supermarket,
  • Work out when you will put time aside each day to exercise.

Find an Exercise That you can Bear to do for Five Minutes Per Day

At age 37, chances are that you’ve tried most forms of fitness and exercise and now find them all dull. The trick here is not finding something new, but something you can bear to do, if only for five minutes per day.

Over a period of 17 years, I’ve engaged in many types of weight loss exercise. Most recently my exercise regime includes at least five minutes of cardio by running on a treadmill and at least five minutes of strength work by doing yoga exercise or a balance class, the latter of which is a mixture of tai chi, yoga exercise, pilates exercise, balance exercises, and stretches.

If you can commit to at least five minutes a day, there is no excuse for not doing it. When gym exercise is the last thing I feel like doing, I commit only to five minutes. I almost always do far more than five minutes when I don’t put too much pressure on myself.

Find Exercise That Doesn’t Aggravate any Existing Injuries

By age 37, something usually hurts. However, there are so many options for weight loss exercise, that it’s always possible to find something.

If running is too difficult for legs, then swimming can substitute. If lifting weight hurts your back, then opt for a gentler form of strength exercise like yoga exercise that focuses on lifting your own body weight. If you like to dance for exercise but suffer from lower back pain, dance once a week but make sure you know your limits and listen to your body.

Inject Some Fun Into Cardio Exercise to Keep it Interesting

No matter how much you may hate it, cardio exercise is important for keeping fat at bay and for keeping your heart healthy. Weight loss exercise is hard and uncomfortable so do try and find some cardio exercise that you can at least have a little fun with.

Try the following to keep your mind on the fun and less on the work:

  • Go to a local gym as it’s likely to be less busy than the ones in the city. Running on a treadmill is hard enough without having to wait for one at a busy gym in the city,
  • Listen to all your favorite energetic songs on your iPod during gym exercise,
  • Run only during every second track. If you abhor running as much as I do, it means you only have to run for the duration of a single song at a time.

Strength Training is Important for your Bone Health and Keeping Toned

Strength exercise is the key to keeping muscles toned. No matter how much weight you lose, you still look flabby if you aren’t toned. And the effects seem more pronounced the older I get. Weight bearing exercise is also important for females in order to help avoid the effects of osteoporosis in old age.

Due to my lower back injury, I no longer lift free weights as part of my gym exercise. Instead, I do yoga exercise which not only keeps me toned from plenty of weight bearing exercise using my own body weight, but it’s increased my flexibility. And if you need something extra, try doing hot yoga exercise for extra detoxifying benefits. Pilates exercise is another good option for increasing core strength.

The Important of Exercise at Age 37

Weight loss exercise is hard and uncomfortable and if you can make it fun, then you’re very lucky. At age 37, a five-minute daily investment in your body will leave you feeling mentally and physically healthier.


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