Best Signs of Obesity, The Consequences, and a Plan of Action


What is the signs of obesity? Are you obese? How is it affecting your life and what can you do about it?

Have you gone for a walk lately and noticed how many people are overweight? I don’t mean a few that needs to loose a couple of pounds but the individuals that are obese. The fast food nation and the meal in a can or microwavable meals are contributors putting the human species on the fast track to obesity. According to Statistics Canada, “23.1% of Canadians aged 18 or older, an estimated 5.5 million adults, had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more, indicating that they were obese”.

It’s not just the food, but the sugar laden beverages and the lack of exercise. From the simple invention of the remote control to the computer social aspect to the gaming devices, we have become slaves of technology and in doing so have lost the ability to exercise. There are signs that point to obesity and the sooner we become aware that big may be beautiful but it also can seriously affect our health and in extreme cases lead to death the better we will be able to take our own mortality into our hands.

Signs of Obesity

  • You feel like you are in jail because you cannot move.
  • Food is like an addiction. You are always eating and get pleasure from it.
  • Standing or sitting for too long causes pain.
  • It is difficult to get around.
  • Weight gain is occurring at a amazing rate.
  • You have given up on weight maintenance and go overboard in your eating habits.
  • Physical pain occurs all the time.
  • Might feel like you have no control over your life except what you eat.
  • Constantly snacking before bed.

Consequences of Obesity

  • You have wasted your live because your weight has interfered with your career and your social life.
  • Your spouse is feeling worn out because he has to take on more domestic tasks.
  • Unable to do everyday things or go on outings with your spouse.
  • Extra weight has put stress on your heart.
  • Has had a stroke at a very young age.Can’t be a mother to your kids or a wife to your husband.

Plan of Action

If you are tired of being sick and tired and you don’t want your parents to end up burying you there is steps you can take toward a healthier lifestyle.

  • You have to reverse the trend and start a new mind set toward yourself and food.
  • You must find a motivation whether it is your career, your marriage or your children.
  • Pair up with somebody that is going through the same issues.
  • Facing your addiction to food is a good start but you will have to push past the point you want to go both physically and mentally.
  • You will have to focus so there should be no TV, no phone or computer, no cookies and candy.
  • Start with walks. A simple walk may feel like a marathon to you but you can do it.
  • This is the time to use the power of positive thinking, breath, push hard, push long with the walks even it feels like you are climbing Mount Everest.
  • Turn off the switch in your brain for food.
  • Get encouragement for even the smallest of accomplishments whether it’s from a trainer, your spouse, kids or partner.
  • Do not allow negative thoughts to hold you back. Do not let the fear of success of the unknown hold you back. If you succeed will it change the way you feel inside? The answer is a resounding yes but you have to find that out for yourself.
  • You must unplug the guilt, fear and disappointment that you have lived with.
  • As long as your head is in the right place your body will follow.
  • Shop healthy with plenty of nutritional food and watch your portion size.
  • Change the voice inside your head, you are worthy of change and don’t be scared that you will fall back into old habits. Just make the necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Trust your trainers, they see the healthy person just waiting to get out.

Nobody says it will be easy. You will have to reach far within yourself to get this job done. But as your stamina builds up, you will start to see and feel the results. You will start to feel motivated and will not want to stop or give in. You will start to take charge of your own live and continue to work toward a change in your lifestyle. Finally you will see a future for yourself and know that all the work and the sacrifices were worth it.


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