How to Detox and Lose Fat


Lose fat with a detox program like the Master Cleanse. Through doing a detox and making simple diet modifications, you’ll lose fat fast.

Adding the right foods to your regular diet helps you lose fat and increase your metabolism. These include citrus fruits, garlic and soybeans. Drinks like grapefruit juice also support a healthy lymphatic system. The lymphatic system gets toxins out of your body. If it isn’t functioning well, those toxins can get trapped in your fat cells, which makes it hard for you to lose fat.

Detoxs can also contribute to flushing fat out of the body. A detox requires a person to follow a particular diet, such as the Master Cleanse, for the prescribed amount of time.

The Master Cleanse

Choose a detox diet such as the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse, or Master Cleanser, is a ten day detox program during which you drink only the recommended lemonade drink. Mix warm water, lemon juice, one tablespoon of grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper to make the Master Cleanse lemonade.

Dr. Michael Horwitz says that the “this kind of fasting is good for us.” He says that the Master Cleanse is good for digestion, detoxification and to eliminate sugar cravings.

Tell your doctor that you want to lose fat and ask if a detox is right for you. Some experts do not support detox diets like the Master Cleanse.

Vitamin C Helps You Lose Fat

Eat enough oranges, lemons, limes, or other citrus fruits daily to meet your Vitamin C requirement. “Vitamin C reduces the content of fat and can liquefy or dilute fat,” says Jessica Stephens. A serving of fruit at every meal is a good place to start if you want to lose fat.

Importance of Soybeans to Lose Fat

Consume soybeans at least three days a week to lose fat. The lecithin in soybeans protects your fat cells from accumulating excess fat, says Stephens.

Eat Garlic to Lose Fat

Adding garlic, garlic juice, or garlic oil to your diet daily helps you lose fat, says Stephens.

Fat Cells

Your body has a fixed number of fat cells. You never will grow more fat cells, but your cells can become bigger when you eat excess fat or store toxins. The Master Cleanse or another detox is important to get rid of those toxins so you can lose fat.


Detox diets like the Master Cleanse have been used for centuries, but some experts warn that they can be dangerous. In an article for Lona Sando said, “Long-term fasts lead to muscle breakdown and a shortage of many needed nutrients.” Sandon is a dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Sando also says that blood sugar, potassium and sodium levels can be negatively effected and advices people with diabetes, kidney disease, or heart disease not to do a detox.


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