5 Simple Ways To Lose Weight


Diets abound, but here are some simple steps that will help drop the pounds without too much effort.

Diet and exercise. Those two words can inspire more dread, fear and concern than almost any three collective words in the English language. Fear not. These 5 simple steps may take a little effort and discipline but they won’t make you feel like you’re in basic training.

1. Avoid Sugar But Enjoy Something Else

Sure, it’s easy to say you should give up sugar, but that usually doesn’t work because after missing it for awhile, you’ll probably binge again.

So the plan should be to stop eating sugar, but eat a little of whatever else you want: high-carb foods, etc. (of course listen to your doctor concerning any restricted foods). Don’t go overboard but remember giving up sugar can only be accomplished if you don’t have to give everything else up too. When your will power increases, you can start removing other foods from your diet as well.

2. Take The Path of Least Resistance

One easy method of weight loss is to simply resist the easy ways of getting around. If you are shopping in a mall, when everyone takes the escalators and the elevators, try using the stairs.

Weight gain is indeed largely connected with diet and exercise but that doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym or eat hardly anything to drop pounds.

Taking the stairs is good exercise and if you do it all the time your efforts can add up. Hills are great as well. Taking the path of greatest resistance will take a little more effort but pounds can drop away if you do it regularly and wish to avoid an exercise regiment in your schedule which feels like a routine workout.

3. Ask Around

Everyone knows someone who is on a diet or has been on a diet. Ask your friends what has worked for them and if it sounds reasonable try it yourself. Sometimes you have to try a variety of methods to see which one works. Just make sure that none of them are radical.

Sudden fasting or eliminating proteins can be physically unnerving. The point of any diet is to lose weight healthily and realistically. Crash diets might cause physical crashes to help live up to the name and those are not what you’re after.

4. Read Many Articles

Hopefully these points will help you but the smart way to go in anything in life is to be counseled by many sources. Try a little light experimentation with the ideas you find and remember not to be radical with any of them. Losing weight should be a goal if you are overweight and you know that it will improve your health, but it should never be done to extremes. That route creates underweight problems which defeats the purpose of a healthy, strong body.

5. Remember The Basics

At the end of the day, everyone knows what they have to do to lose weight. Diet and exercise. There are those dreaded words again! But the fact remains that you probably know what limited exercise your body can handle for now and probably know of one thing you are eating too much of that you could cut down on.

If you like soda a little too much, just switching from regular to diet soda will do wonders for keeping your weight down. Every little sacrifice and effort will go a long way in trimming you just as every little indulgence put the weight on in the first place.

So, take that walk around the block. Find a diet soda you like (there are so many eventually you’ll find one you enjoy). Don’t take the easy path (stairs are an automatic calorie-burning system in every building in the world). Just don’t walk to the top of the tallest building, currently a tower in Dubai.

The goal is to get a leg up on your diet not push your legs too far. Crash exercising isn’t any better than crash dieting so go gradually. Small steps win the race and with them the competition (those two or three pounds you don’t want any more) won’t even see the finish line.


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