10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Tongkat Ali


Tongkat Ali helps in osteoporosis, increases testosterone & muscle mass, relaxes stress & anxiety, instigates sperm motility, and boosts immunity.

Tongkat Ali is indigenous to Malaysia & Indonesia and has been gaining interest worldwide as a promising herbal plant.

Tongkat Ali’s scientific name is Eurycoma Longifolia. However, it goes by the English name Long Jack on many reputed websites like Amazon, eBay, Shopee, etc. The Malaysians also call it the Malaysian Ginseng. There was a misconception for quite a while that Tongkat Ali is only for men.

Recent researches proved that women could also get significant benefits from it.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a local herb that is abundantly available in regions like Malaysia, Vietnam, Sumitra, Java, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. However, people have been using the root of this plant for many years before its invention. This herbal root is available in deep rainforests of South Asian countries.

Previously, people used to think that Tongkat Ali’s sole purpose is to strengthen libido as a potential alternative to viagra with no side effects. But scientists have inarguably decided that Tongkat Ali holds many more promises other than libido strengthening.

That said, let’s get more insights about what is Tongkat Ali, along with scientific explanations of the advantages of Tongkat Ali.

1. Boosts Your Testosterone

Testosterone hormones are necessary for many things like expressing masculinity, keeping a good mood, providing the energy required to do daily chores, & the balanced growth of the human body.

The level of testosterone decreases with aging. Once you reach 50, the amount of testosterone production in your body will drop to 50%. It is a serious concern because the lower level of testosterone can affect your health & body adversely. You won’t feel the excitement like before, become tired within a short period & so on.

Hence, it’s essential to reverse the declining rate of testosterone.

Recent researches have also found the truth of increasing testosterone by using Tongkat Ali. Scientists conducted this experiment at the University of Western Cape, South Africa.

2. Excellent Sexual Health & Libido

The primary reason for Tongkat Ali’s enormous popularity over the last few years is its ability to improve libido & sexuality among men & women.

People have been searching for an alternative to viagra for a long time. With the introduction of Tongkat Ali, this issue has found a remedy. Besides, Tongkat Ali has no side-effects like viagra. So, using Tongkat Ali is entirely safe & organic.

Tongkat Ali significantly affects male fertility & reproductive prowess. It assists in more extended erectile function, increases semen viscosity, sperm motility & libido.

Researchers have found that Tongkat Ali increases sperm count by up to 65%. Also, the erection time sees an astonishing increase in time by 162%.

3. Strengthens Muscles To Aid In Physical Activities

Tongkat Ali is widely popular in the sporting & body-building community. Many athletes prefer taking Tongkat Ali as a pre-workout drink. It is replacing steroids gradually.

Unlike steroids, Tongkat Ali doesn’t have any other side effects. If you take steroids to build your body, you can’t ever leave exercise.

However, with Tongkat Ali, you have no such bindings. It’s better to take Tongkat Ali regularly to get that extra competitive edge in sports.

Both men & women can get benefits by using Tongkat Ali. Scientists have conducted many types of research in Malaysia, South Africa, California, to test Tongkat Ali’s viability, not to mention all the results prevailed to be true.

4. Burns Body Fat & Helps to Lose Weight

This point may sound confusing. If Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone & increases body mass, how can it help to become slim?  The answer is simple. Despite boosting testosterone & increasing muscle mass, Tongkat Ali can help you burn fat.

Tongkat Ali contains a high level of protein, as it is anabolic. Therefore, it increases only muscle mass in adult men & women. As a result, fat remains unaffected & gets burnt over time. But relying solely on Tongkat Ali to lose weight is a wrong choice.

Instead, try to maintain a diet & do proper workouts to burn fat naturally.

5. Helps Treat Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of bones. Bones usually contain pores if you view them with a microscope. If you have osteoporosis, the pores of the surface of your bones will enlarge significantly.

As a result, your bones will become weak over time & likely pose a threat to crack or break upon a small injury.

Scientists have found that Tongkat Ali prevents calcium loss to close the pores. Also, it instigates protein secretion to back up the bone’s pores & cure osteoporosis.

6. Facilitate Cancer Treatment

The most alarming news of recent time is that 1 in 5 men & 6 women has the chance of developing some form of cancer. But the reassuring fact is that Tongkat Ali has anti-cancer properties in its constituent.

But this claim is still inconclusive & further researches are necessary to prove it.

7. Handles Stress, Mood Swings & Anxiety

Tongkat Ali contains alkaloid compounds, which are primarily present in coffee, nicotine, etc. Alkaloid keeps you calm. You don’t have to rely on Prozac, Zoloft, or Celexa anymore.

For those who are suffering from extreme stress & anxiety, Tongkat Ali, a completely organic product, can be the solution.

Research shows it controls tension, anger, confusion, and reduces cortisol exposure by 11,12, 15 & 21%.

8. Empowers Immunity

The body’s immune system gives protection against harmful viruses & bacteria. Tongkat Ali has the power to improve our immunity. But it’s also inconclusive & further research is necessary.

9. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

You have taken an unregulated sugar regime throughout your whole life, which increases your blood sugar level. If you develop diabetes, these higher blood sugar can cost you dearly. Tongkat Ali has been known for reducing blood sugar levels.

10. A Parasitic & Anti-Bacterial Agent

Almost all herbal plants have parasitic & anti-bacterial agents embedded in their genes. But the question arises over the fact of effectiveness. Conducting a wide range of research, scientists have seen Tongkat Ali outperforming other herbs in offering parasitic and anti-bacterial benefits.

Final Thoughts

This article aims to focus on the specific benefits of Tongkat Ali. Forget the myth that Tongkat Ali is beneficial for men only. Everyone can get help by using it. More research needs to be conducted to appreciate this magic herb’s benefits fully, but, so far, Tongkat Ali has only shown positive results.


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