Ways To Eliminate Negative Energy From Your Home


Everything around us is made up of energy. Even our bodies. Everything we see and touch has either a positive, negative, or neutral energy. Of course, no one will intentionally carry negative energy as they go, but it sometimes happens. Our day-to-day lives are getting more and more complicated, making us filled with negative energy that in some cases, can be hard to get rid of. 

However, you might find yourself going back home after a long day looking for nothing but relaxation, only to end up feeling like your safe space is no longer making you feel comfortable. Every time you enter the home you get this gloomy feeling that you can’t get rid of. This means that negative energy is filling your home, and it’s time to change it. Cleansing your house regularly is super important, as it can affect other aspects of your life. Here are some effective ways that will help cleanse your home and eliminate the negative energy. 

Salt and Lemon 

For ages, salt and lemon have worked wonders when it comes to removing negative energy in any place. There are many ways to introduce salt and lemon to your house to cleanse it. Simply, fill a spray bottle with sea salt and water and spray it in the corners of the house. You can add lemon zest or lemon peels into the spray bottle and spray it in every room. Spraying lemon-scented water on your furniture helps eliminate negative energy as it provides you with a fresh feeling when you enter a room. You can also use this mix to clean doorknobs and hallways. 

If you want a more effective way to ensure that you get rid of all the negative energy, you should cut a lemon into four quarters and dip it in salt, and put each quarter in a corner of your house. Preferably, place the lemon at the entrance of your house and by every window. That way, you will not only remove the negativity from your home but will also prevent it from entering. Salt and lemon are known as effective way to sterilize everything and it helps remove unwanted energy from the house. 

Use Your Crystals Properly 

Precious and semi-precious stones are known to end negativity in any place and help restore positive energy, even in our bodies. Clear quartz, black jade, and smithsonite are the most helpful crystals to attract positivity and clear your home from any unwanted energy. If placing crystals around your house is still not working, a Somavedic can help you achieve the results you want. This round product helps align your crystals in a way that eliminates negative energy by reducing the influence of EMF radiation. The radiation you’re exposed to from your Wi-fi, 4G, and 5G affects your body’s energy, which can affect your sleeping pattern, increase stress, and enhance the negativity in your home. 


Your home should be the cozy, comfortable place you find peace of mind in. However, it’s hard to feel that way if there is a lot of clutter around you. Clutter is one of the biggest reasons why your house has negative energy as it blocks the way for energy to flow freely. If you want to get rid of this negativity, start by throwing away any items you don’t use. You can divide your things into boxes, one for the things you definitely need, one for the maybes, and another for the items you no longer use and want. Donate or throw away the box you don’t want, leave the “maybe” box for a couple of weeks, and if you don’t use any of the things inside it, it’s time for it to go. By doing this you will have more space inside your house and the energy flow will get back to normal. 

Open Your Curtains and Windows 

If your house is not exposed to natural air and sunlight on a daily basis, then your home will be filled with negativity. It’s crucial to open all the windows and curtains in your home to allow the fresh air and light to enter the house and remove any unwanted energy. The open windows and doors will improve the flow of energy. So the negative energy will go away and the positive one will come right in.  

Going home to a home where you don’t feel comfortable and happy can affect your life in so many ways. You might not be able to sleep comfortably or enjoy your life as you used to do. Once you feel that your home is filled with negativity, start working on getting rid of it right away before it affects you and other members of your family.  After you eliminate this negativity, try to maintain the positive energy by lighting candles or burning scented incense on a daily basis. You can also try adding plants as they renew not only the air but the energy inside the house as well.


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