How Many Feet in a Yard?


You may have found yourself in the linen store once to buy fabric but all you know is the yard measurement of the fabric you need. Unfortunately, the resident seamstress was not there and it was the new employee who was there to attend to you.

And since she is new, the measurement tool she had the feet measurement tape. When this thing happens, would you know how many feet there are in a yard? If not, we will tell you everything there is to know.


What is feet?

As the term implies, foot or feet traces back its origin from the medieval times as it was used to measure the feet of soldiers who would be armed for combat, according to Fact Monster. But in modern settings, the feet usually indicate 12 inches or one ruler to measure length. It is expressed using the abbreviation ft. 

1 feet = 12 inches

What is yard?

The yard is also used as a measure for length like the feet and is expressed using the abbreviation yd. It is closely related to feet specifically in fabric measurement since more than 3ft would be converted into yards.

In exact terms, the yard would be composed of 36 inches or 91.44 centimeters. Historically speaking, the yard was used alongside feet because it was used in medieval times as the measurement for girdles and belts.

1 yard = 36 inches = 91.44 centimeters

How many feet in a yard?

Unlike the other units of measurement, the UK and US metric systems agree to just one conversion value for yards to feet and that would be 3. As such, there are 3 feet in one yard. This has been standardized in 1959 via an international agreement on measurements of length.

1 yard = 3 feet

A football playing field is 100 yards

How to convert yards to feet

So now that we know the exact conversion value for yards to feet, let us proceed to the conversion process, which by the way is very basic. All we need to do here is to multiply the given value of yard to the conversion value of 3 and that’s it! Plain and simple.


Yards to feet conversion

If you still cannot imagine how this conversion process happens, you may refer to this table.


We could go on and on with this as long as you stick with the conversion value of 3 and multiply it to the given value of yard.


See? Yard to feet conversions is super easy as ABC. So the next time you find yourself caught up in this dilemma, always remember the magic number which is three. But do not mistaken it as reversible. It does not mean that when you are trapped in feet to yard conversion, the magic number is still 3. That is another question and we will save that for later. As of now, you are ready to do all those yard to feet conversions in handy.


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