Why Are N95s More Effective Than Other Face Mask Options?


While the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out in cities around the world, the CDC continues to recommend wearing face masks in public, or when social distancing is not possible.

Face masks are designed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus by stopping airborne particles and water droplets released when we breathe, talk, laugh or cough. But while wearing any kind of face mask is better than going without, not all masks are created equal.

Choosing the right face mask can help you keep yourself and others safe and healthy. If you’re searching for the best face masks for you and your family, keep reading to learn why N95s are the best choice.

The Danger of Homemade Cloth Masks

When the CDC began recommending face masks be worn in early 2020, shortage rapidly began. For most people, getting a face mask of any kind was impossible. This spurred a grassroots movement of individuals producing homemade cloth masks from various materials, including sheets, cotton t-shirts, bandanas and more.

But while cloth masks are better than going without a mask, they may not be enough to fully protect you from catching or spreading the virus.

Cloth masks do trap droplets that may be released from a wearer’s mouth when they breathe, sneeze or cough. However, depending on the materials used and the fit of the mask, they may not trap all droplets. Cloth masks stop between 50 and 70 percent of fine droplets, allowing the rest to get through. Additionally, most cloth masks are not designed to fit close to the face. This may allow droplets to escape around the edges of the mask.

While cloth masks might not be as effective as other types of face masks, if they are the only option you have access to, they should still be worn.

How N95 Masks Work

N95 masks are considered one of the safest face mask options. One of the reasons for this is that these masks are actually considered a type of respirator, rather than a face mask. This means that the N95 mask filters airborne particles leaving the mask. They are able to filter out a minimum of 95 percent of both small and large particles. Using non-woven polypropylene fibers, these masks form a tight barrier against the outside world.

These masks are also designed to fit close to the face. Thanks to their shape, cut and design, they hug the skin, preventing particles from escaping around the edges of the mask. With a more rigid material and a domed shape, most individuals find that they fit more comfortably against their face than other mask options.

Why N95 Masks Are the Best Choice

When it comes to filtering airborne particles to protect both the wearer and those around them, N95 face masks like the ones from Green Supply are the clear winner, even when compared to surgical masks.

Unlike N95s, surgical masks are not respirators. Like cloth masks, they are loose-fitting on the face, which may allow particles to escape around the edges. Surgical masks are good at filtering out large particles, but may not be as effective at filtering smaller particles.

Protecting Your Family With N95 Face Masks

Choosing the right face masks for yourself and your family is important. Not only will it help keep you safe, but it can also make the experience of wearing a mask throughout the day more comfortable.

N95 face masks are more effective at filtering out particles and stopping droplets from leaking out or getting through than other mask options.


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