5 Ways to Help Prepare Your Senior Parent for Assisted Living


You may have a lot of challenges to overcome when convincing your elderly parent to make a move to assisted living. For most seniors, the thought of moving into an assisted living facility is not appealing. They will also not have ample living space, so it’s crucial to start purging belongings with empathy.

In order to smooth out the downsizing process, family members must step forward. The whole family can be upset and stressed if belongings are removed carelessly without following the proper steps. Your parents will need to downsize their belongings before moving into an assisted living care home like Longhouse. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to help your senior parent prepare for their transition to assisted living.

Purge With Care

Assisted living facilities are full-service environments, so your parents won’t need the same items they would in their own homes. Most facilities provide meals, so you will not need to pack normal kitchen accessories. The only thing you may need to bring is a small refrigerator and one set of dishes and cutlery. To avoid duplicates that will take up space, find out what furniture is included in each room.

Be Patient

The accumulation of thousands of items in a family home over the course of a few decades is not uncommon. Make sure you don’t underestimate how long it will take to clear out the house.

When cleaning out your aging parent’s valuables, make sure you take your time and sort through the treasures with a sense of calm. Start with one room and take it from there at a steady pace. You can start by organizing a spare bedroom or basement since these areas usually house items that aren’t used daily.

Floor Plan

Floor plans for your parents’ new residence at the facility should be provided. Knowing the exact measurements of each room so you can plan accordingly. If you know what items and furniture will fit in the new space, you can plan what should go in the new area. Consider the comfort and convenience of your senior parents when selecting a floor plan.

Wish List

Get to know your senior parents’ must-keep items by talking to them. Your gentle reminder that they won’t have as much space in their new home may help them with the downsizing process and letting go. After the list is completed, working around the house will be easier without accidentally throwing away something useful.

Be Proactive

While you are purging your home, seniors may experience a grieving process that can be painful. It is imperative that you exercise patience and consideration when dealing with this situation. After their belongings are purged, your senior parent may be able to take comfort in knowing their items will be appreciated by others. There may be a benefit to separating things that will be donated to or given as gifts to friends and family by having dedicated sorting boxes.

Most families decide to move their senior parents to an assisted senior home for their own protection. This same type of caring attitude will be essential during the moving process. Follow these tips to help prepare your aging parents for the move to their new home with a positive attitude.


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