How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Wellness Routine


Currently, more and more people now recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which is, of course, a really incredible thing. This is because having a wellness routine suitable to one’s preferences and needs may allow you to feel happier and healthier since you’re now introducing exercise and a healthy diet to your daily life.

Fortunately, with today’s medical advancement, the world is no longer short of different methods and ways to have a good wellness routine. One of the most popular wellness products is CBD (Cannabidiol).

What Is CBD?

Despite its popularity, some wellness enthusiasts may not be aware of CBD. As a brief description, CBD is one of the many chemical compounds, which are called cannabinoids, found in marijuana. The other famous cannabinoid is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Since it’s part of the marijuana plant, one may be concerned about the famous ‘high’ effect associated with the plant, especially when you plan to incorporate the product in your wellness routine. However, take note that this effect is brought by THC, which is the psychoactive element of the plant. This means that CBD, especially those products that are purely made of this cannabinoid, doesn’t make you high.

Instead, CBD interacts with your body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) to bring various health benefits, like proper sleep, healthy appetite, good functioning of your immune system, and helping relieve pain, all of which are perfect for heightening your wellness routine.

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How To Incorporate CBD

Now that you know how CBD may influence your wellness routine, it’s important to know how to incorporate it into your day-to-day activities. Luckily, there are plenty of CBD products available in the market, so you won’t have any problems choosing one that’ll suit your needs.

So, before you head out to the nearest dispensaries or browse through reputable online CBD store, like Serenity Store, here are some methods to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine:


Topical CBD, like balms, are skincare products that are infused with CBD. These are now becoming the go-to method of applying CBD into one’s wellness routine. The reason for this is because it’s said to have essential characteristics that may help reduce pain, speed up the healing process of inflammation, and even relax the muscles. Hence, this type of CBD product targets those who are constantly experiencing fitness-related problems.

The said benefits imply that CBD topicals are perfect for treating a problem on a specific part of your body. Also, due to the said benefits and the convenience of application, many athletes and regular gym-goers resort to CBD as a muscle rub.

Take note that the desired effects or benefits coming from CBD topicals may be relatively longer to take into effect compared to tinctures and vapes. The effects, meanwhile, tend to last longer.


Speaking of beauty regimens, it’s important not to overlook our hair in our wellness routine. There are already plenty of hair and scalp products that can be infused with either CBD, THC, or both. This is because these cannabinoids, specifically CBD, are said to be rich in both amino and fatty acids, as well as various kinds of vitamins. This means that together with the other ingredients that make up a hair product, a CBD-infused shampoo may help with dryness and inflammation in the scalp.

CBD hair care products may also help with hair growth, which is perfect if balding is one of your wellness concerns. Additionally, it may moisturize your hair strands, leaving you with silky, smooth hair, giving you that much-needed confidence boost.

Coffee and Tea

As part of our wellness routine, some of us may enjoy having a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy ourselves with tea during the afternoon. Meanwhile, others don’t really like the bitter taste of tea or coffee, which is why some would opt for one rather than both beverages. Nevertheless, regardless of your preference, making tea or coffee with CBD is beneficial since both balance the effect of each other out.

To illustrate, the caffeine in either coffee and tea will reduce the said sedative effect of CBD. This means that you get to experience relaxation due to CBD while having the required and focus on dealing with your day because of the caffeine present in coffee or tea.

Conveniently, there are plenty of ready-made CBD bags available in the market. Also, you can use a tincture to drop a few drops of CBD into your favorite beverage.

This product is perfect if your wellness routine already involves having an allocated time for you to sit back and just enjoy your healthy beverage.


CBD treats, which are also referred to as gummies, are one of the most convenient ways of incorporating CBD into our wellness routine. Like CBD-infused coffee or tea, CBD treats are foods that are infused with the compound.

This type of product is convenient for two reasons. First, you can have a variety of CBD-infused food, like chocolates and lollipops. Because of the appearance, other people may not notice that you’re already getting your recommended daily dose; it’s the most discreet way of having CBD. Secondly, CBD-treats is compact and portable, which means that you can carry them with you comfortably, and you’ll be able to get its effects at your convenience.

Thus, if you have a frantic wellness routine, CBD treats may be the right product for you!

Final Words: Talk to Your Doctor

Since you now know different CBD products to incorporate into your wellness routine, it’s important not to overlook the medical advice of a professional. After all, we’re speaking of your wellness, so they’re the ones who should have the final say or the ones who’ll give you the go-to signal if you can incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. This is important since CBD may counteract any medication that you’re on.

Moreover, if your doctor already approves of your CBD usage, don’t forget to ask for the recommended dosage. This is especially important since CBD doesn’t have any approved dosage yet, which means that you can only rely on either your doctor or the CBD manufacturer.


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