4 Best Ways to Use Jerky In Your Recipes


Jerky is one of those meaty delights that make you drool when you see it on your plate. Filled with protein and flavor that makes your taste buds keep wanting more, jerky is a menu favorite for most. Although jerky alone is quite a delicious treat, did you know that it can be used in recipes? This allows you to enjoy a full meal with your favorite item mixed in it! 

Today, we will be looking at different ways of implementing jerky in various recipes. So let’s get started!

1. A Substitute for Other Meat Ingredients

Jerky is known for its rich flavor and is a great snack for meat lovers. Now, what if you could use jerky as a substitute for other meat ingredients on your dishes? That’s right, you can use jerky where you once used bacon and see if it satisfies your taste buds.

There are various forms of salads that people love to enjoy with bits of meat mixed through them. Jerky can be used in these recipes, and since you’re probably pursuing a healthy lifestyle with salads, jerky is a great addition because not only does it have low fat and calories, it is also rich in iron and protein.

Furthermore, with the variety in flavors, you can make sure that the jerky suits your salad well. You can check out https://jerkybrands.com/ to get your hands on a variety of jerky available in the market.

Another great way of using jerky is by adding it to your charcuterie board as the different elements such as olives and pickles can pair well with jerky. This is not a very usual item to add to your snacking board but is sure to add a unique taste.

2. A Great Addition to Your Breakfast Menu

As stated previously, jerky is a healthy snack that can fulfill the essential meat intake needed for a healthy lifestyle. Since breakfast is known as one of the most important meals of the day, why not add in some jerky?

Eggs are one of those traditional ingredients that we use on almost every breakfast menu, and jerky is a great combination with it! Replace the bacon you have with your omelets and you have yourself a much healthier breakfast! Furthermore, you can also try jerky with deviled eggs as it makes a great topping with an appealing texture. 

Additionally, vegetables are also recommended to eat during breakfast but are not known for being most people’s favorite ingredient. Brussels sprouts are one such vegetable that people don’t always enjoy, but adding jerky is sure to make the dish much more enjoyable even for those who refrain from having vegetables in their meals.

3. Add Jerky to Soup & Cocktails

Soup is a dish that can greatly benefit from the addition of jerky. A hearty stew or even corn chowder are all recipes that can be improved with the addition of a healthy meat ingredient such as jerky.

Since protein is one of the main points of any soup-like dish, why not replace the usual with a meaty ingredient that is healthy and also delicious? Since soup has many different variations, you should experiment with different types of jerky as well so that the dish comes out giving a rich and explosive burst of flavors.

Speaking of explosive bursts of flavors, ever thought of using jerky in your cocktails? That’s right, jerky can be used to make a monstrous Bloody Mary that is filled with different spices. Jerky types such as Cajun beef are filled with spices such as pepper and salt, so it makes for the perfect garnish for your powerful bloody mary cocktails.

If your desire for jerky still doesn’t end there, then you can use beef jerky on fried rice as well. The crunch and intense flavoring make the rice much tastier and more interesting. Combine that with the Bloody Mary, and voila, you have made a boring menu into a complex bomb of flavors that your tastebuds will never forget!

4. Experiment and Find What Satisfies Your Love for Jerky

With there being such a diverse variety of jerky, you can never run out of possible dishes that you can use jerky to improve! One such recipe is biscuits with jerky gravy. You can add a handful of diced jerky to your gravy, and voila, you have yourself a wild yet tasty breakfast!

You can also try using jerky with different sauce types as well. Tomato sauce, for example, is greatly improved with jerky.

Cut up pieces of jerky and boil them, then cook with the sauce until it thickens. You can use this formula and try it out with different dishes such as kinds of pasta and see if you have discovered a new delightful recipe.

Lastly, there’s no end to the possibilities, so why not replace other ingredients such as bacon with dishes such as cornbread for example, and use jerky with it instead? With the rich flavors jerky brings to the table, even beans and other vegetables can become your favorite dish. Chop up different vegetables, cook them with some olive oil, add jerky to the mix, and you have yourself a healthy yet flavorful dish.

In Conclusion

The methods and recipes we have talked about in this article are barely surface-level to the various ways you can add beef jerky to different recipes. If you love a certain type of meal, and you love jerky as a snack, then why not mix them both to see the results? We hope that this article has revealed some new ways to enjoy jerky and satisfy your tastebuds. Happy experimenting!  


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