Top Cigarette Alternatives You Should Consider (And How to Use Them)


Humans are pretty weird compared to other living beings in the biosphere. There are a lot of things that make us different, but this particular trait is quite unique. We like to engage in activities that we know are bad for us, we are aware of it, yet we still do it.

Smoking is one such activity that a lot of people do, and we all know too well that smoking is not a healthy habit. But, we are moving forward, and we are finding safer options for enjoying this activity.

There has been a surge in cigarette alternatives in the last couple of decades, especially in the last decade. We do not need to rot our lungs to enjoy this type of activity, there are alternatives.

It is important to understand these alternatives and know what you want from them. Whether you just want something new or you are trying to quit, you will need an alternative. Quitting smoking always requires you to switch it up, and here are the top alternatives.


Vaping is the most popular cigarette alternative right now, and for many good reasons. First off, there is no smoke from burning cigarettes, which is both disgusting and the unhealthiest part. Second, vapes are quite more convenient compared to cigarettes. You do not need to worry about carrying a lighter or getting rid of the butt once you are done. Your hands will no longer smell from cigarettes, and your clothes will also be free from the smoke.

Besides these points, vapes just have a better flavor than cigarettes. Whether you are using Elf bar vape or another type of vape, you are bound to find a flavor that you enjoy. Besides a lot of flavors, you do not need to worry about buying a new pack of ciggies.

Vapes will last, some longer some shorter but they will last, and you will know when you are running low. There are just way too many things that make vaping better than smoking cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes fall somewhere between vaping and smoking cigarettes. Their benefit is that you are not smoking a burning cigarette, but it is still a cigarette. Some people may like it, but every kind of this product has nicotine in it.

Vape products have both nicotine and nicotine-free flavors and puffs. Both of these products are pretty simple to use, with some differences. Vapes usually do not have a limit on how many puffs you can take.

Most electronic cigarette products have a mechanism that does not let you smoke all the time. Some people may like this feature because they are trying to cut smoking products altogether.

For people that just want to smoke and experience the flavor, vapes are the better option. Electronic cigarettes do come in different flavors, but there is a certain legal battle with them. Many countries are banning tobacco products that have flavors in them because they attract kids.

Skin patches

If you just want the feeling you get from a cigarette without smoking it, skin patches are the option for you. There is no smoke, whether it is from combustion or oil, there is only the skin patch.

The skin patch releases nicotine over time and your body absorbs it. You will need to find the concentration that suits you and the time of release. You will need to experiment a bit before you get a hang of using skin patches.

It is quite convenient because it is simple to use, and you do not need to worry about smoking zones. This product is great for people that are trying to quit but keep craving cigarettes due to the nicotine high.


Hookahs are quite popular in the Middle East and the surrounding countries. This is because they are basically vapes before vapes existed. Besides smoking, they offer a very unique social aspect that a lot of these products just do not have. 

There are variants with nicotine and without nicotine, and a whole lot of flavors for hookah. Unfortunately, operating a hookah takes some time to master, and it can be pricey. There is a certain skill floor that you need and the equipment for some good hookah sessions.

These 4 alternatives are the top ones that currently exist, due to a lot of reasons. It is important to know what you want before you opt for some of these cigarette alternatives. You will surely be able to find yourself in them because the market is pretty vast for cigarette alternatives. It may take some time until you hit the exact spot, but you will be able to get rid of cigarettes.

It is important to retake control and enjoy this activity because you like it, not because you are addicted. With these alternatives, you will be the one who is in control of your urges and your smoking wishes.


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